Rant: British Gas

After complaining to the CEO of British Gas (and getting a very efficient and thorough response), I really started to think they might be okay. But today, I get home to find they're up to their old tricks again. Evidence that they're a big company with bad service and poor inter-departmental and managerial communication.

Nevermind the usual ways to complain to British Gas, go for something that might actually get some kind of result. Send a constructively critical letter to the CEO.

The address for the Office of the CEO is:
Sir Roy Gardner
CEO British Gas
Centrica plc
Millstream West,
Maidenhead Road
SL4 5GD.

Oh look how wrong was I?

Update 20th March, 2006: A helpful reader got in touch via PRWeb to say that Sam Laidlaw has taken over from Sir Roy (confirmed at the Times and at Centrica).

Update 24th April, 2007: I asked Energy Watch what consumers could do if not happy with how their complaint was being handled. I've put their response on this separate page. If you've got something to say about them, it's probably best said on that page rather than this one. - Thanks.

Update 2nd May, 2007: I asked British Gas to tell us what consumers could do if not happy with BG service. The whole story is on this separate page. The spoiler is to write to Phil Bentley, Managing Director (address on the other page).

Also See: EnergySupplierProblems

Update 6th May, 2009: British Gas have been in contact and asked that we provide these contact details in preference to those above:

General Correspondence Address
British Gas
PO Box 3055
BN21 9FE

Complaints Address
British Gas
PO Bos 3054
BN21 9FD

Registered Trading Address
Centrica PLC.
Maidenhead Road

Sam Laidlaw – Chief Executive Officer, Centrica Plc.

Phil Bentley – Managing Director, British Gas

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Free Electricity from British Gas

Won't bore you with the details, suffice to say moved into own home 6 months ago. Gas account is fine, electricity account is a shambles. Have ordinary meter, I read it, you bill me, right?? Wrong. They insist I have a prepayment meter, they try and change it back to a regular billing meter, technician (they are not engineers, engineer is a member of a professional institution with professional engineering qualifications, usually degree level at least - engineers my arse) looks puzzled because it is ALREADY a billing meter as I told you. This happens on a cyclical basis. 6 months later no bill, no payment for my electricity, therefore thanks British Gas for paying for it on my behalf. Aim to move again in another 6 months and if they haven't billed me by then it's their loss. Fecking idiots.

A Bit of BG Knowledge

Right I'm here to shed some light on the BG situation.
I technically work for BG, I work as a CSA in Leeds for the outsourced company called Ventura, but as far as everyone else is concerned i work for BG in the General Enquiries dept.

I am not sticking up for the whole of BG as there are alot of problems, but I have to stick up for people like myself that try and do our jobs properly.

In BG you receive 4 weeks classroom training getting alot of info you need, in my class there was 15 of us, I would say only 5 of us paid any attention to what we were getting taught, the other 10 pissed about and learnt nothing, what was done about this, nothing.

After the 4 weeks you are put on the phones in a Developement area, where you take calls but have people with vast knowledge around to help.

3 weeks of this and you are thrown straight into the job, the training leaves alot to be desired and you learn pretty much everything when you get on the phone, and this is also where the problems begin.

At BG you are set a target of 2 sales a day (i.e brining someone across for Gas or Electric 1 sale, Gas & Electric 2 sales, Homecare 100-400 1 to 3 sales)it's meant to be called Sales through Service, help the customer then promote something to them.

Now one of the boys in my training from day one was getting 10-11 sales a day, where as i was getting 1 a week if a was lucky. This is because his main objective was to sell something, who cares about the problem just sell sell sell.

Now what happens with this situation, is the Team Leaders only see the sales, and don't care if he's helping the customers or not, where as i'll spend 45 mins with a customer phone them back when I say i will and do everything to help them, and what thanks do I get, my 3 month probation extended, as i don't sell enough and don't take the alloted 60 calls a day (which works out as 8minutes a call), impossible.

So in everyteam there is about 10 people, you'll find 2 or 3 a team try and geuinely help the customers the other 7 fobb you off and just try and sell, and it's those 7 that get the praise.

Personally myself I spend half my day, helping those 7 with system problems that we got taught in training.

So think about it 7 call centres in UK, 240 people in each, thats about 24 people in each General Enquiries Call Centre that can do there job properly.

Then when It comes to the Managers, it works like this every team has a manager (TEAM LEADER, and then have a boss who runs 5-6 teams TEAM MANAGER, it is the TL's job to manage his team, not to take calls, you'll find there are TL's who have never been on the phones taking to customers, the CSA's have more training and more experience helping customers, so talking to a manager is pointless, they have no more authority than CSA's can't do anymore than we can, the TM's job is to manage their TL's again not talking calls, and all the TM's have any link to anyone in power any higher up in the company.

Gotta go know hope this sheds some light on the situations, it is not BG as a whole that is rubbish just the majority of CSA's

take a moment for us who do help customers and get bogged down trying to nurse then stupid ones that don't

BG CSA Leeds

british gas

If British Gas owe YOU money, take them to small claims court. After a year of threats of bailifs and being cut off, i turned the tables on them and won a case in court despite their spending a lot of money on an expensive lawyer on the day.
Be advised British Gas are institutionally moronic. They are crooks, shysters, incompetents and, yes, criminals. I believe they know exactly what they are doing with their phoney bills. Many people eventually give in and pay just to get them off their backs, even though they know they do not owe the money. Old people especially will be intimidated and pay up without question. The bastards will try and wear you down, often successfully. This is an evil management. Hence.....record profits. Energywatch and the like are a waste of space. They are all part of the same establishment corruption. Nothing will happen. The situation will not improve.
The anonymous explanatory post of Feb 20th by a BG employee is a nonsense and cuts no ice whatsoever. There is absolutely no excuse for the criminally negligent methods of BG and no-one should be making excuses for this bunch of dishonest and inept charlatans. "Shedding light on the situation" is just another load of garbage from this despicable company.
I have to say that after ten months of wrong bills (about 25) which did not even relate to my meter, i merely ignored every communication, every threat, but kept everything for evidence. I began to realise that the threats were just that...threats churned out by computer with nothing behind them. They bluff. They know they can't carry the threat through because they know they are in the wrong and would be highly illegal and it would cost. So they go as far as they can without incurring legal action......unless someone they owe money to takes them on. My experience, too lengthy to go into here, leads me to believe they really are that corrupt and much of the establishment is equally corrupt so nothing will really be done about it unless you personally take them to court or there is a huge class action against them which won't happen.

Homecare - British Gas cowboys and/or conmen

Our water was not heating up properly. So as homecare customers for 5+ years, who had never used the service other than for yearly checks I thought, no problem I'll ring British Gas and they'll sort it out, after all thats what we pay them for. The engineer told my wife we had chronic scale, needed a flush, new heat exchanger and a Magnaclean - none of which is covered by contract and all costing a fair bit of money (well if ordered from BG anyway). I have a friend who is a Corgi Registered Gas Fitter, so I got him to have a quick look and he showed me step by step irrefutable proof that the BG engineer was either incompetent, a con man or both. Cause of problem - a small inexpensive part that would be covered by the contract. My friend told me that the engineers are on commission for these parts and fitting them would not have fixed my issues and potentially I could have forked out even more. Trawling the internet I see that this is a common scenario. So people you are not any safer with a big company like British Gas, they just take the labour cost out of the equation and charge you a monthly fee instead (not much better than the small time conmen on Watchdog then really, just with a call centre and fancy webpage). I am complaining bitterly, will get the bolier fixed, get compensation and then leave this company of charlatans. Shame on you British Gas and more fool me for trusting you.

British Gas

I hope by "get compensation" and "complaining bitterly", you mean taking these dishonest clowns to small claims court because i doubt you will get anything out of them by direct contact. You will just waste your time getting fobbed off, or being given the runaround one way or another, or ignored. If you take them to court, they simply have to comply or it can go to a higher court. You can only get money they owe you, not compensation for stress etc. So gather your evidence and have definite proof that they owe you - evidence which is irrefutable in court. You will be expected to have tried to get satisfaction direct with BG and then, if all else fails (which it probably will) then contact your small claims court for sums below a thousand pounds or so. All BG customers out there, you are dealing with a very, very dishonest company - i don't know if any of the others are significantly better, but they can't be any worse so worth doing a bit of research. BG complaints are huge in number, the worst of any large company in the country. All you need to know is that they really don't care because the system is working very nicely in terms of profits so they deserve to be haemorridging customers. Good luck if / when you take them to court.



You are right Nick. Having sent all my bills and information to the Energy Ombudsman in August last year, and still not happy with the result, I have had The Provisional Conclusion, which has taken them 5 months to reach, (which is unacceptable)stating that the Ombudsman has directed British Gas to look into my case and sort it out. The Ombudsman still does not understand that my readings have been twisted as stated in their letter, so as far as I'm concerned to put it back to British Gas to sort out will still end up in a shambles. I also had a recent letter from a Meter Reading Company to say they want to read my meter on behalf of my energy company. Rang up,left message, with all my details - two weeks later still no reply. As far as I'm concerned the Ombudsman have not sorted out the problem but directed British Gas to sort it out. I cannot leave them to do this as I don't trust BG. Have now been in touch with Age Concern (as I'm over 60) who have said they will help me. Very disappointed in result from the Energy Ombudsman. But will fight on.

I work for British Gas as an

I work for British Gas as an Engineer and I can honestly tell you that your friend is talking crap. We are NOT on commission for anything to do with fitting parts.
I can also point out that yes you may have been unfortunate enough to have a shit engineer but considering we employ over 7000 emgineers nationwide there are going to be the odd few who are maybe not that good (just like any large company).
I get pissed off with people slagging us engineers off, most of us are decent hardworking highly skilled professionals and you get the odd bad seed who then destroy the reputations of all of us.
Its like football hooliganism making people think that anyone into football must be a hooligan.
Sorry to hear you had a bad service, but no the engineer would not have been on commission.

Professional? Certainly Not in Grammar, Spelling Or Punctuation!

British Gas Homecare... A complete waste of money? When you call them, (for whatever reason), they will tell you "That's not covered". It is difficult to know, from past dealings, just what IS covered. (Not a lot, believe me!)

As far as getting "pissed off with people slagging us engineers off"... You will have to STAY that way... I have yet to find a competent BG "eMgineer!?" of the 7000 you claim exist!

If your grammar, spelling and punctuation are anything to go by. I would suggest that you may well be indicative of the intelligence, professionalism and attention to detail of the average BG emgineer/engineer

Powerflush and Magnaclean

I've just been told exactly the same, by the engineer who has just visited me. This has been the forth visit in as many months and now they are not even prepared to entertain my requests to try all other possibilities first. The latest was "As we've now recommended the powerflush we can't try anything else, and we will not keep coming out to see you for the same problem time after time!!" Would you be prepared to tell me the part you needed, so I can look into this first. I feel like I'm just being conned into buying this powerflush stuff, when there is probably another way of fixing the problem.

we have experienced the same

we have experienced the same as you - worst still the initial problem was no hot water but after the engineer (Sam) left we had no central heating!am now trying to log a complaint only to find some manager at British Gas defending the engineer and blaming the bolier!seriously!


My main bugbear is paying £15 a month to have homecare and all we ask is that the boiler gets serviced once a year to know that we are safe. Despite the fact it was due in August we are still waiting. Our first appoitment was in January but we got a card through the door saying, sorry we've changed your appointment to February. As a result of complaining we got a £20 cheque (we've paid them another £15 in that time for Homecare!!). So after booking ANOTHER day off my hubby waits in all day and what a surprise no-one shows up. He phoned halfway through the time slot and was reassured that yes someone would be. When he phoned later to complain he was told that someone had been but there was no answer at the door but he left a card. At no point was my husband out of the house and there was no card, it's like they are blaming us! We were reassured that a manager would phone us back....

still waiting!

Although you paid British

Although you paid British Gas £15 whilst receiving the £20 compo, the £15 was for cover, if your boiler had broken down during this period an engineer would have been round - breakdowns are considered higher priority than services.
When the latter part of your complaint happened - your husband being told someone had been and carded you - it seem like an engineer "no accessed" the job and didnt bother turning up and then told the office he/she had been there. That's bad but I guess when a company employs over 8000 engineers you're gonna get the odd arsehole.
Having said that I'm and electrical engineer for BG and have been to an address before and knocked/rung the bell and waited for about 10 mins and no one has answered the door, tried phoning customer and phone wont accept anonomous calls (i NEVER let customers have my mobile number - believe me I have good reason for this) and so have had to no-access the call only to find the cust was at home and has complained (could have been on the loo or in shower whatever) and we cant wait around when we have at least 10 calls to do in a day (most of which are timed because of this poxy "family friendly" appointments).

homecare problems main issue

homecare problems main issue is that they never get back to you wrote a letter of complaint still no one gets back. I have been told over the phone not to bother expecting anyone to get back to me and how awfu it is to work for British Gas! thanks for the CEO address I suppose they only time they will make improvements is when they loose business. good which report on best buys in home care give it a visit

Our employee engagement

Our employee engagement survey suggests that it is not awful to work for british gas, hence why we broke into the Financial Times top 50 companies to work for last year, and as an employee myself I can tell you BG is a fantastic company to work for. Seems you had a very unprofessional person on the end of the phone - chances are they dont work for BG directly anyway as I believe most of our call centre staff are contracted from external company(s)
Rest of what you say seems pretty poor though granted...

top 50?????? You must be

top 50?????? You must be part of the management then??? because they certainly didnt ask any of the engineers their opinions.
It caused more angry workers from our point of view.

All staff including

All staff including Engineers had an employee engagement form to fill out. So yes, they DID ask the engineers for our opinions.
I have worked for many companies and in every single one the workers moan about the company, bosses etc. It is a typical British trait. Nobody is ever satisfied with their lot in this green and pleasant.
It annoys me, I say to other engineers who moan "don't like it? LEAVE then!" what's the point in working for most of your waking life and not enjoying it?????
Anyway, yes - British Gas Services LTD made the Financial Times top 50 work places last year.

you must be one of those

you must be one of those engineers whos got their Managers last night tea on the tongue, Most engineers (youre not an engineer but a managment tool, Know that the last Esat and 2009 one was a fix, and here is why.

1. Engineers were forced to put the answers the Local Managers wanted. They stood over them as they filled them in. (comments like do you like youre job dont make me look a cunt).

2. Any forms which were filled in by engineers with true feeling with negative level of satisfaction, were binned by the local managers and by the correct process should have been placed in an envelope and posted with an engineer of teams choosing coincidently this never happened.

Face it Bentley you are out of touch with the real workforce, or either thick, stupid or Arrogant!.

The Only was you can prove I am wrong is redoo the survey sending these directly to engineers homes and get it totaly unconnected profesional body for them to post it back (SAE Please).

Which would include questions like:-
1 Do you enjoy the carrer you chosen- i would give 100% yes for this
2.Do you think your managment team treat you with respect? 100% No
3 Do you think Bullying is an issue? 100% yes
4 DO you think the performance targets are unreasonable? 100% yes
obviously there are many more that should be used oh and you accidently forgot to leave a comments box for us to fill in this time WHY?

And please customers if an engineer doesn't fit lost of parts to fix your boiler its cause he will get sacked then if he doesnt sell you a boiler he will still get sacked or disaplined either way if your an engineer your bolloxed.

The last esat you know what I mean the engineer that sent a letter to the times newspapers (readers contact a journalist at the times)to coplain that this was a fix and not a true picture, Got dimissed didn't he.

your faithfully
A one british gas engineer

your right I work for them

your right I work for them aswell

well well, engineer and me

well well,

engineer and me have just received a survey from the gmb to complete and show what a bunch of managment bullies are employed at at one british gas, you may of by now not be an engineer now you could be a manager, as sick as the managment and hr managment at one british gas.wolves stick together.

look at your self in the mirror and see if you look like a clone

so suck on that

Judging by your innability to

Judging by your innability to construct a meaningful and worthwhile sentence, I would suggest that maybe you didn't concentrate during your school years.
The net result? You have a rubbish job.
I feel for you, I mean - does Mr Bentley drive to your house in the morning, put a gun to your head and force you to work for his business?
If you hate the business you work for it's simple - leave!
Your lack of a decent education is clearly stopping you from doing so due to a lack of choice, either that or you are like the vast majority of gas 'engineers' (not real engineers - just parts fitters) who I have come across... Moaning, whinging, pathetic idiots who constantly blame others for their own short comings.

"Judging by your innability

"Judging by your innability to construct a meaningful and worthwhile sentence, I would suggest that maybe you didn't concentrate during your school years."
Judging by your INABILITY to spell, you shouldn't pick people up on their English.

british gas home plan

to all customers of british gas home care plan open a barclays additions acount £15.50 per month and everything british gas promise but fail to deliver is taken care of. i had a problem with drains and they sorted it within hours with plumbers and drainage specialists. cheaper than £33.00 per month and waiting and waiting.

British Gas Homecare

I agree..why take out an expensive homecare agreement..open a Barclyas bank account, upgrade to a additions account or a new alternative and you get everything that British Gas have to offer.

For years I was paying Southern Electric for their equivalent but then I enquired with SE as to the level of service Barclay's was offering me to be informed by SE, 'we set that service up for Barclay's bank..it's the best you can get'..to this fact I simply pay to have our central heating serviced once a year and nothing else..have used them on 2 occasions with leaking pipes, always efficient and on time..plus all the other extras you get like RAC cover and travel insurance

home plan woe

called the blighters for a check,given date only, not even am/pm.cancelled immediately.use local gas shop-top dollar

I hate British Gas! I lost

I hate British Gas! I lost my job and they still want me to pay my bills! I keep telling them I cant afford to and they say that its not their problem i used the gas and electric andf so have to pay for it! Thats disgusting in my opinion! i should ghet it for free while looking for a new job then pay when ive found 1.

Get real! ......... and a

Get real! ......... and a life!

British Gas bank fraud

At the beginning of 2007 I made the big mistake to join to British Gas for 3 months.
In April-May 2007 I switched to Scottish Hydro Electric: happy for the good customer service and cheap costs I thought all the gas and electricity problems were over for good.
I left the UK in November 2007. When I was abroad, I noticed strange movements of money out from my bank account in the months of January and February 2008. Back to the UK, in March 2008, I discovered that British Gas likes me so much as customer that they wanted at any cost :)
British Gas managed to switch their selves as my gas provider without my approval, permission or authorization, activating a direct debit payment (getting more than double of money that I was paying with Scottish Hydro Electric).
If that is not a fraud, how it should be called?

British Gas

Further to all your information, I'd just like to say that I have FINALLY (almost exactly four years since they first made their mistake) beaten British Gas. I had made numerous efforts to get them to accept that the £210 I had paid via a "pay as you go" meter was for gas used by me, and that I should not have to pay this again once the meter was exchanged for a normal meter. I could not get any sense out of them, or if I could, their staff were unable to get any sense out of their own billing system. So eventually, in June last year, I photocopied all my (recorded delivery) letters, emails and telephone notes, together with all their incorrect bills, threatening letters, etc and took out an action via the Small Claims Court online. This was very soon removed from the "on-line" system because of its complexity and was moved to the Cambridge County Court. The judge heard my case, told me that I did not have the law on my side but also told the British Gas lawyer that it was ridiculous that an ordinary individual should have to fight them and Siemens to get a relatively simple thing sorted out. So he ordered Siemens to hand over the money or that at a later hearing he would decide whether to list them as sole Defendants or co-Defendants. Surprise surprise, one week before we were due to go back to court, Siemens told British Gas where the money was, British Gas credited my account accordingly, gave me £100 for my trouble and wrote a letter of apology. So, my advice is, where there is a billing problem, don't just sue British Gas, sue the Metering Service Company (in my case Siemens). List them as co-Defendants. The judge will be cross to have to hear such stupid goings on, but s/he will use common sense, and if you have proof that you are in the right, you will prevail - eventually! Good luck.

British Gas have around

British Gas have around 16,000,000 customers, so of course there will be some mistakes made! Thats 16 MILLION customers - as in 16 million households. If any of you think you could run a business the size of british gas any better why not apply for the position, and earn a hell of a lot more money than you plebs are earning now..?
As for contacting Sam Laidlaw, GET REAL! The guy runs a group of extremely large companies, he's the top man, why the hell would he use his very precious time dealing with customers when he pays thousands of staff to do that? IT'S NOT HIS JOB!! His job is to oversee the running of the whole of Centrica, that must be some bloody task I can tell you, and before any of you start on about Sams job, how many of you are CEO's of an energy company that employs around 34,000 people in 20 sites accross the world?
None of you?
Thought not...

Get with the real world.

By the way, I saw a few posts about people leaving BG in droves... Well newsflash:
BG now has as many customers as it's ever had, so as many who leave more join.. OVER 16 MILLION OF YOU BUGGERS!


British Gas have around 16,000,000 customers, so of course there will be some mistakes made! Thats 16 MILLION customers - as in 16 million households. If any of you think you could run a business the size of british gas any better why not apply for the position, and earn a hell of a lot more money than you plebs are earning now..?
As for contacting Sam Laidlaw, GET REAL! The guy runs a group of extremely large companies, he's the top man, why the hell would he use his very precious time dealing with customers when he pays thousands of staff to do that? IT'S NOT HIS JOB!! His job is to oversee the running of the whole of Centrica, that must be some bloody task I can tell you, and before any of you start on about Sams job, how many of you are CEO's of an energy company that employs around 34,000 people in 20 sites accross the world?
None of you?
Thought not...

Get with the real world.

By the way, I saw a few posts about people leaving BG in droves... Well newsflash:
BG now has as many customers as it's ever had, so as many who leave more join.. OVER 16 MILLION OF YOU BUGGERS!


Hmmm...wonder if you have a vested interest in being the apologist for this despicable and dishonest company.
So - people who make a legitimate complaint about shoddy, negligent treatment and gross incompetence are merely to be dismissed as plebs, are they? Is that British Gas company policy, then? Methinks you are quite angry about something and possibly in some way linked to the shambles that is British Gas? At a stroke, you write off 16 million people as plebs and buggers. What a remarkably stupid person you must be. However, i must admit you were clever enough to work out that none of us were CEOs of an energy company that employs 34,000 people in twenty sites around the world. Well done. We're obviously dealing with a formidable intellect here, after all!
Mistakes......?? This isn't just a question of a few mistakes. This is gross incompetence on a massive scale. These "mistakes" as you call them (strange how they are invariably in BG's favour, isn't it) entail customers having to endure months of worry, stress and inconvenience while British Gas's useless complaints "system" stalls, denies, ignores and fails to address the seemingly endless litany of complaints. The people who are posting on this forum are a tiny percentage of the total number who have problems with this institutionally moronic company. You are in denial, sir. Your protestations are an irrelevance and you are very rude. I gave up trying to inform BG (after almost a year) that they were billing me for three meters for three different apartments, none of which i lived in. In the end i (successfully) took them to court. Even then, they were stupid enough to send a lawyer to court to defend their stupid, indefensible case.
So, this post isn't really for you, Mr Apologist....... you will take nothing on board and continue to argue that black is white, anyway. It's on behalf of posters on this forum whose lives have been disrupted and inconvenienced by arrogant or incompetent or intentionally negligent people at British Gas.
I should add that most of the people who fielded the calls concerning my dispute were perfectly reasonable and understanding and helpful but were themselves obviously powerless to do anything about the profound incompetence more at the heart or in the upper echelons of British Gas. So, clearly, there are lots of pleasant, intelligent
people at British Gas but i fear, Mr Apologist, that you are perhaps not one of them..


"...BG now has as many customers as it's ever had..." says Anonymous Coward - probably a BG PR person. That's interesting because it probably means that British Gas' database is not properly purged of customer data when they leave. Those of you who are disgruntled (well, pretty much every BG customer but...) and have left BG might want to cost them some money by asking BG what personal data of yours they have under the Data Protection Act. They have to supply that information under the DPA for a small charge. You can then demand that they delete it if you have left them.

Well said.....

Well said Nick....

I bet that person works for British Gas. He's far too defensive.

BG Engineer

First of all, BG Engineers are not on commission, what a ludicrous claim!

Secondly, the i read the phrase 'if you dont like the job,then leave'. Well thats exactly what is happening leading to bg being constantly short of engineers and having to take on apprentices.

So why are BG engineers so pissed off??

Intense pressure to 'Complete' 8 jobs per day usually meaning we have to visit anything between 8 and 15 jobs a day

Pressure to keep recalls down
Pressure to get sales advisor visits
Pressure to please customers
Pressure to work safely
Intermittant faults-We dont carry magic wands!
The wide variety of nasty customers, aggressive,moany,drunk,smelly,rude,unfriendly,unrealistic.

Customers expectations for a £15/month service contract is ridiculous!

£15 gets you 3 packs of fags
£15/month is not even enough for sky tv
£15 gets a cd

Find it hard to complete your

Find it hard to complete your 8 jobs a day?

Simple answer - work longer.

Most engineers I meet do all they can to get home early, they can't seem to get it in to their heads that they should do a full days work for their reasonable pay.

complaints to british gas

Has anyone else had trouble with British Gas' probate service?
My mum died almost 2 years ago and her house was sold last May. I sent BG the final readings and awaited the final bill.
BG repeatedly sent me estimated bills despite long and frustrating phone calls explaining that they have the actual readings already. I was eventually advised to write to them, with the details and the matter would get resolved. I duly wrote, they sent a final bill to the solicitor, as I was in credit , they sent a cheque for the balance. Job done I thought................ no. 6 weeks later my solicitor received another final bill, this one was a demand for money.
I have rung and written but have had no response.
Having found this web site today I will give writing to Sam Laidlaw and Phil Bently a try.
This matter has taken almost a year and is still not resolved, I could - and have screamed with frustration.
Will let you know how I get on.

Boiler break downs.

I found this site while looking for help in dealing with BG after several years of trouble.
Over the last 18 months for example, BG have been to my home in excess of 20 times due to my Central heating & hot water failing.
Each time an engineer comes over,he tinkers , apologises & leaves.
The longest running period we have had without a visit is 21 days last summer. We are now used to NOT having hot water & a very intermittent central heating system.
We have sent letters of complaint ( no reply ) & have repeatedly requested a person in authority to call us to resolve the problem but unfortunately they are very busy & have failed to ring back even once.
I have used up my holiday entitlement from work waiting in for BG engineers & sadly my son can no longer stay with me ( no hot water & heating is hit & miss ).
Surely this can't be cost effective for BG ?
We are now at our wits end.
If anybody has successfully resolved a similar situation, please let me know as we seem to have hit a brick wall.
We have a homecare agreement which covers everything apart from flushing out the system.
I've read the comments on here from BG engineers & appreciate the majority do care & wish to complete their work satisfactorily but we have had cases where they have let their colleagues in our home to share fish & chips ( wrappers in the bathroom bin, very nice ), pouring out the contents of an old radiator to show the build up ( neighbours came out & complained, then cleaned area ).
We really don't know what to do.
Please advise.
All we want is hot water & central heating.
Many thanks.

boiler breaks down reply

What boiler/system do have? and can you describe the problems your having? Thats shocking behaviour from those engineers and makes the rest of us look bad.

Boiler break down . Part 2.

In response to BG Eng's Question : We have a GlowWorm fast flow combi, manufactured in 1998 & ( I am told ) parts are still readily available.
We have had intermittent central heating for the last 4 years & hot water turns cold after taps have been run for a few minutes. If we manage to get a bath we have to wait a couple of hours or so for more warm water ( if we are lucky ). Often the system doesn't work at all.

British Gas have phoned me today (25th April 08) to let me know that the problem is due to limescale build up in the boiler & they will no longer be carrying out repairs relevant to this problem. Seems this is not covered in my policy.
Irks a little after paying £18.00 a month all this time ( 4 years ).
But there is light at the end of the tunnel !
A couple of gentlemen who have been involved with this saga have suggested a new boiler system which will cost under half of what British Gas have quoted, including fitting.
So we are saving our pennies & will hopefully get a new system soon.
Guess who will not be looking after our servicing needs ?
No prizes for the answer.
I hope we never have to have dealings with this company again.
Any colleagues or friends considering using British gas in the future will be made fully aware of our predicament.

Good luck to anybody who has a similar story.
We hope you manage to find a solution,
Ian MacDonald

British gas

We decided to have a pay as you go meter fitted for our gas as we thought our bills were a little high and it was easier for us.
They fitted this last Tuesday ( after a lot of hassle!) and were told our top up card would be brought with the meter, it's now Friday and still no top up card even after 7 phone calls.
i contacted energy watch today and they gave me this number to call if we ran out of gas and said they had to come out within 4 hours and top us up as it wasn't our fault. Number is 0845 9555 600
It's annoying as I care for 80 year old father 24/7 and not being able to top up our gas has caused some problems as he needs heating on quite a lot.
It's time British Gas listen to customers and act fairly to it's customers.
One good thing is our bills will go down now and they wont be getting paid for gas we havent used in advance so they are making a little less out of us!
Who said BRITISH were the best! Having had to make several calls to them and having to wait on hold for 20 minutes each time it just makes someone rich very quick and for no fault of our own.

British gas again!

Just to add to my message from yesterday, we had arranged for British Gas to put us a pay as you go electric meter in which was booked for yesterday, we even rang them 3 times to check they would come, guess what, they didn't come and when I rang they told me it had been put off until 7th July and didn't even bother to tell me, We did get our gas top up card today which according to them was posted wednesday 1st class, yeah right.
Going to complain to the person someone mentioned on this thread and write to watchdog, I think installing a pay as you go gas meter and having to wait a few days to actually be able to top up, send letters out saying you are deceased and not turning up when you have sat waiting when they can't be bothered to let you know is terrible. Why can't they actually inform you they have changed the fitting date and check it's okay with it's customers?

Update : Smiling now ( but keeping fingers crossed ).

After 2+ years of hell with our friends from BG ( see "Boiler break down " 1+2) , we switched to Npower . They inspected our boiler , didn't try to sell us another one but fixed the problem.
No mention of flushing, can't get the parts or "It's on it's last legs".
Infact the engineer was baffled as to why the problem wasn't sorted earlier & even said the boiler was good for another 5 years or so.
We have now had heat & hot water for over two months,a new luxury for us. No days at home waiting for an engineer to arrive either..Wow.
Their monthly payments are higher than BG's but the service is in a different league.

Grass is NOT greener!

All the other companies offering a heating service contract such as Npower have mostly ex-british gas engineers and dont cover radiators, wear and tear and most of the crap boilers out there. The reason you never had to wait in all day is because they are new to the repair side and have hardly any customers yet, thatll soon change!! BG fix a boiler every 3 seconds-FACT! And a Gloworm Swiftflow (a gloworm fastflow does not exist) is a poor boiler by todays standards, spend 1500 and get a 95% efficient gloworm ultracom installed-well worth it!

British Gas is money making machine!

British Gas is threatening me with legal actions. They are demanding standing charge of £1300 for the gas which I never used, never signed for anything, never had any contract with the british gas. I am shocked about this whole thing. In their letter they said its your property. You have to pay.
Need some advice. Thank you.

GAs Bill

I have received a bill from Scottish Gas Business for electricity for £4900.00 (361 for 1 month and the balance for arrears). I have no contract with Scottish gas business and have never had. I have lived at my house for 22 years and my supplier is Scottish Hydro Electric. I intend to phone them and if I still receive correspondence I shall write.

British Gas

My comment is the next one down from yours on the website. I have today 19 Sept 2008 received a notice of disconnection for my electricity supply if I do not pay almost £5000 by Monday. My electricity has been supplied by Scottish Hydro for 22 years - I have never had any account with British Gas for gas or electric (my house hasn't got gas). I obtained an injunction against them yesterday and that has been served today on them today. I have no confidence they will pay any attention to it. I phoned them twice and wrote to my so called account manager and their complaints department both by recorded delivery warning them I would raise court proceedings but received no reply.

I suggest you will have to instruct your solicitor to raise proceedings against them. Also I spoke to my real electricity supplier today and initially they said to contact Energywatch. I did not give up and kept saying that it was their ie. Scottish Hydro Electric meter that British Gas were going to disconnect. I persisted and they have now telephoned British Gas to tell them not to disconnect whether they will pay any attention I do not know. Don't delay as once they have sent you a formal Notice of Disconnection they can obtain a warrant from your magistrates court (and you get no notice of this as I understand it) and they can then attend and if necessary break into your house and disconnect you. If you want any further info just e mail me. I am actually a solicitor myself.

Thanks to

Thanks to a marvellous lady who works for Age Concern my problems have been resolved. After 15 months of stress concerning my huge electricity bill it has now been resolved. She took one look at my bills and saw the problem straight away that a '1' had been put at the beginning of my meter reading making it look as though I had used far more electricity than I had. Apparently this was not the fault of the meter reader and British Gas owned up to this being their mistake. The lady from Age Concern was able to contact the 'right people' at Customer Services who dealt with it almost straight away. Why British Gas could not solve the problem initially I do not know as I had sent copies of all my bills to Customer Services and the Energy Ombudsman (who could not solve the problem). Anyway got some compensation and apology and revised bill. They could not charge me for the previous year's electricity as the readings were all wrong and they had taken over a year to resolve it. So very pleased with outcome but it was due to myself seeking help elsewhere due to being at the end of my tether, thankfully as a 60 year old I could access Age Concern, who I am extremely grateful to.

British Gas threats

I switched all my gas and electricity from BG to Powergen in early 2006,
In May 2008 I received a demand from BG for £83.93 so I called BG and asked what was going on?
they insisted I owed them the money because of an internal error?
I told them to send me proof of how they had arrived at the figure of £83.93 and if I owed it then I would pay it!
The "Proof" never arrived even after several more similar telephone conversations had taken place with BG again promising to send the "Proof"
I then started getting debt recovery letters and after two lengthy telephone conversation with BG team managers,
I eventually received a letter from BG team manager Lee Jones confirming that I owed nothing at all and would I accept his apologies on behalf of BG,
Happy days, or so I thought!
I received a letter from BG solicitors today threatening legal proceedings against me if I don't pay them £83.93,
Boy, am I looking forward to my day in court when I wave the BG team managers letter under the beaks nose!!!
No wonder BG prices are so high having to pay for all that beaurocratic incompetence.

BG and Horner & Co

I have exactly the same problem as you (David Gibson) with BG for £93.46. Exactly the same path has been followed by them. I am at the moment drafting a reply to BG so called solicitors regarding their threats. I have found out from The Solicitors Regulation Authority that Horner & Co Solicitors is in fact one person, Pamela J Horner. She appears to be employed by BG, has a practising certificate but is allowed to to use headed correspondence that implies she is of an independent firm! It all seems rather spurious to me. I assume you've probably had 'your day in court' now, and the enjoyment of leaving BG with egg on their faces.

British Gas Incompetence

Since I moved out of my last flat, BG have been hassling me for £18 which they say I owe. I was on a direct debit monthly payment (which they had increased by more than 20% without even notifying me - thanks BG). I ended up paying an extra month after my tenancy because I hadn't cancelled the direct debit, but despite this I receive occasional letters informing me I am in arrears. They phoned me up a few times and I asked for a breakdown of the outstanding amount on paper, which has yet to materialise. All I get now are text messages asking me to call their debt collection line at my own expense (the cheek!) which I have no intention of doing. It's really a false economy on their part as I will never, ever open an account with them in the future if I can avoid it. (It wasn't by choice in my previous tenancy.) I have a friend who works in their accounting department and even he encouraged me to ignore them as every time you do it costs them money. They really are completely useless and the very paradigm of failed privatisation. Crap service + small number of people getting stinking rich.

Not Again!!

This morning I received a £1500 electricity bill. Again.

No matter how many times I call British Gas, or how often I tell them that they are reading the wrong meter, or how many meter readings I give them, they never send me the right bill.

We've been battling this out for 18 months so far. I flatly refuse to pay for the energy used in the four floor house above my flat. Having called thenm eight times in the last year and promised numerous times that someone would be sent out to check the meter, I finally lost my temper during a phone call when they threatened to cut off my supply, demanded to speak to someone as high as I could go and demanded they put a freeze on my acount until they could get their act together. That seemed to go pretty well. Four months later I got a courtesy call ASKING WHAT THE PROBLEM WAS. *despair* So I had to provide all the details for them AGAIN (which currently takes about half an hour to relay, minimum!). Two months after that I got a letter saying my 'query' was being dealt with and I would be called in the next eight weeks. Three months later I got this bill. For the wrong house, wrong meter.. and now they have my name wrong too.

I hate these people. I've given them my meter serial number more times than i can remember and was told by the manager I spoke to that he 'didn't believe me' and had to send out an engineer, who has never appeared. Accuread (what an ironic name!) come in a check the meter regularly, but our details never seem to be in British Gas's database. They never have any records of my phone calls, meter number or meter readings.

All I want to do is pay MY electricity bill. It really isn't that hard. Tomorrow I'm going to call them experimentally and see how much they can tell me about my previous phone calls... Lets see if they have anything about it at all.

byzantine billing

ENERGY PRICES EXPLAINED........What does it all mean? Why have ALL regions, ALL tariffs been included in the so-called helpful booklet issued August2008? It appears that nobody actually tells you what you pay now and what you're going to pay next quarter.
We all know that the prices are going up. British Gas are just using spin. They have truly become the robber barons of the age. It's not as if we can chop down a tree and heat ourselves. We are locked into this system and are totally dependent on energy sources provided by them.
"Hints and tips to reduce your energy cost".....use a clothes horse instead of your tumbledryer.....what tumble dryer? Turn your lights off when you leave the room, use only the amount of water you need for a cup of tea instead of boiling a whole kettle.....At least you didn't tell us to go to bed early and wear a wooly hat. It's just bloody insulting! The message is live like a third world person or pay up!
How does this changing supplier thing work? It's just an exercise in accountancy. The same gas and electricity come through the same pipes and cables. Choice! What choice?
Thankyou Margaret Thatcher for making our lives a misery....and your sucessors who are continuing your legacy.
I'm 67....too young to qualify for free insulation. I'm not on benefits....so no extra help there.
Is anybody out there on our side??????

An explanation! First of all,

An explanation!
First of all, the letter you get with the booklet clearly explains which region you are in. Why does the booklet have all the regions in it? Simple really, otherwise they'd have to print 23 different versions of it and a number of each region would have to be printed in a number of languages like urdu, hindi, polish etc so this would clearly cost a LOT more. Think about it! Problem solved!
You said " It appears that nobody actually tells you what you pay now and what you're going to pay next quarter." TRUE - now why do you think that is? Perhaps it's because you haven't used it yet. I could of course tell you the exact amount - turn everything OFF!!! then your bill will be zero as British Gas don't have a standing charge. Another problem solved!
You said "We all know that the prices are going up. British Gas are just using spin. They have truly become the robber barons of the age." not really sure what you're saying here, doesn't mean anything at all!
You also said "It's not as if we can chop down a tree and heat ourselves." Why not?
re Hints and tips to reduce your energy cost".....well it's going to be generalised as can't produce an individual report for everyone.... ah but wait , yes they can, go onto the british gas website, use the energy savers report! Easy! And yes ok, you might know all the energy saving advice that is given, so why not just follow the advice and reduce your consumption. you won't freeze you know!
You also said "The message is live like a third world person or pay up!" What a stupid thing to say! Nobody is suggesting that you stop living in a house with four walls and a roof, somewhere with access to clean water, gas, electricity, phone, all the basics. You've insulted millions of people who are STARVING to death and who wil never read your comments, not that you care. I'm 102 years old and I can get my head round my bills. I suggest you stop whingeing and pull your finger out.

Best wishes

Mr Sensible

byzantine billing

All energy providers charge by area. This is because the local distibutor for each area charges the supplier different prices, for example Manweb charge the suppliers a certain price for the electricity they supply British Gas that is used by people in their area of Wales etc. EDF who are the local distrubutor for the London area and who also own SEEBOARD charge a different rate for the electricity they sell to the supplier for customers in that area and so on. It is now the same for gas as since competition was introduced there are now a number of Independant Gas Transporters responsible for shipping the gas through the pipes in your area to your home. Depending on what they charge the supplier depends on the price you pay. The UK is no longer able to source enough gas via our own fields in the North Sea this means that Gas has to be purchsed from other countries such as Russia and Sweeden to name but two. British Gas would estimate how much gas is going to be needed by their customers over a period of time and they would buy this gas in advance. Therefore if wholsale gas is expensive at the time of purcahsing the prices charged to the cusotmer would reflect this. If wholsale gas prices drop this would only be reflected when the next supply of gas was purchased, so prices may drop for wholsale gas but because the gas that is currently being used was purchased when prices were high the customers prices would not drop.

It should be pointed out that the likes of Eon and Npower are German companies and EDF are French. The tax they pay is paid in the country of origin so they contribute nothing to the UK economy. Centrica the parent company of British Gas are British so all the tax they pay goes back into the UK economy. Also Europe is a closed market the Germans and the French will not allow British Gas to sell to the french and german markets although they are allowed to trade in the UK.

Centrica did make a huge profit which was announced last August a matter of days after British gas raised their prices hugely. However this profit did not come from Britihs Gas but other interests that they hold. British Gas make on average a profit of £1 - £2 per customer per month, this was confirmed by a representative of Ofgem, the government run regulator of the enery markets, on morning TV very recently. If British Gas had not raised its prices by so much last July they would have actually made a loss.

Sorry but I have to say I have had a fantastic service from BG

I have to say that on the flipside of all I have rwad above, I have found British Gas Services Homecare people to be most efficiant and helpful.
I have homecare 400 which covers everything plus kitchen appliance cover as well and have had to call out engineers for various problems over the last 2 years and I have to say that the service has proved to be brilliant value for money! The call centre staff have been thoroughly polite and the engineers excellent (especially the electrical engineers and electricians).
All in all I am totally happy with the service - so much better than many other companies I have dealt with. BT have been the worse followed by Southern Electric.
Happy BG customer :)


all the people moaning about engineers and the homecare agreement can F off.
I have been an engineer at BG for 4 years now and it was the biggest mistake I ever made, as soon as i get a new career I am out of here! And do you know why?? It's because of the type of customer I have the displeasure to see on a daily basis.
i am sick and tired of whinging moaning people with their heads up their arses! Do you know, the other day i went to a property to work on the dishwasher and needed the loo, politely asked the customer if I could use hers and she sneered at me and said "no you can damn well carry on with your work, i dont want the likes of you walking through my house". I couldnt believe it!!! So I pointed out that in this country it is a right of any worker to have the facilities to use the loo when they need to and so i would have to leave the job half finished if i couldnt use hers.
I would say at least 7/10 of my customers look down their nose at me when im working on their machines. OK i work in a very affluent patch but thats no excuse! just because someone may earn a six figure salary and i dont! They still have to take a shit the same way I do!!! Who the hell do you people think you are? ROYALTY???
i am also pissed off with people taking it out on me when there's a cockup say with a part not turning up or whatever, ITS NOT MY BLOODY FAULT!!! I just carry out repairs. And when i read about so called engineers lockers??? WE DONT HAVE LOCKERS!!!! we just pick our parts up from the post office. So, a part doesnt turn up? BLAME THE F'ING ROYAL MAIL AND LEAVE ME ALONE!!!
i cant wait to get out of the customer service industry and go back to what i used to do... because customers in the country as whole are bloody self important, arrogant, ignorrant twats who can go F themselves!!! i KNOW WE NEED CUSTOMERS TO HAVE COMPANIES, but i just dont want to have to face them anymore, leave that to other mugs.

gas company

I see that everyone likes British Gas. I'm even affraid of saying something, cause I've read a lot. The only thing I understood is that it's useles to complain. Maybe, it's our fate? ;)

bristh gas need locking up

canceled just my gas account with them but kept my electric cos had £600 out standing . guess what happen got bill for £600 + for that electric bill and they try to take it out of empty bank now cant get new house cos of rating they gave me . ring them up on hold for 40 mins . still trying to sort this out .


We have BG Homecare the appointment to "service" our boiler was originally in August 00 our last service was in July 08 No we have not had 8 services BG have managed to move it back 11 months now you would think renewing it every year so that it is a rolling contract that they would service roughly at the same time - NO. They can service it any time that they like in the 12 month period well that is the last service that I want them to perform

We are disputing a service with them and because we have switched suppliers we owe an amount on the electric so we sent a cheque for some of it and explained why we had not paid any more
All I can say is that for BG customer service is an oxymoron I have never spoken to so many untruthful incompetents in my life

The quality of the last service was quite frankly cr@p and I would have no hesitation telling any BG engineer to not bother

How on earth can you tell the

How on earth can you tell the quality of the last service? A service is 85% a series of safety checks, its not like servicing a car! And you have gone the wrong way about getting some of the money back for a missed service, there will only be one winner there and quite frankly your post is crap!

1 of 5500 BG field techs

New Gas Meter

Why can't these muppets get anything right?

I had a new meter fitted on the 4th of November. The old one was taken away and I noted the reading before it dissapeared into the abyss.
After 2 weeks I realised that the new meter had registered 37 units used, my previous quarter was only 54 units. I contacted BG and they said I could pay out £45 to have it swapped out and have an accuracy check done. I told them no way and just swap it out. Today an engineer arrived to swap it out and he said that the old meters measured in cubic feet and the new ones were in cubic meters!! Well, going by the engineers statement that would mean I was using 9 times the amount of gas that I was before.
I told the engineer to leave it and I would contact BG. When I called them their system was down (convienient eh?) but the young lady I spoke to said the meters turned over much quicker and that the final reading per quarter would be sub-divided to calculate the correct billing amount! She also said that she only found out about the new meters during a casual conversation with a colleague!!
I'm still at a loss as to what's going on, and am expecting a fight anytime soon. But it's plainly obvious that BG customer services reps have no idea either!

I'll update the group when I know more :-)

There is alot worse out there

I have been a British Gas engineer for over 10 years. I have never had any personal complaints made against me and have repaired thousands of boilers. Please bear this in mind when you are unhappy with the service from call centre staff regarding billing issues etc. We never have contact with these people and believe me we have to graft all day under managers that are obsessed with offering quality service to our customers. I have read many of the comments on this thread and would like to make a few simple points

1 - Some systems DO need flushing

2 - Old boilers are not efficient (new boilers 90-95% efficient compared to 50 - 75% on old boilers)

3 - British Gas engineers are trustworthy, highly qualified and profesional people.

4 - There are many good engineers working for competitors but there are also many that are not

In my opinion after seeing how the heating repair side of BG works there really are few companies that could possibley compare

For A Website slating British

For A Website slating British Gas why has the stupid cunt of a blogger got and advert at the top of the page for their insurance products???

Doss Cunt tbh quit moaning

Language, Timothy!

Firstly, my finger's hovering over the 'delete' button on your comment because of your needlessly profane, and broadly speaking, low-value prose.

However, to set the record straight: I do my very best not to censor anything anyone says on this site (see above). If BG want to advertise their products on a page that (as you point out) slates them, then that's up to them. I rather suspect that's wasted effort on their part, and since the ads on the site only really pay me pocket money, I'm not going to spend my time trying to track down whatever-web-address-they're-promoting-right-now so that I can block it.

That said, since I've taken the time to dignify your comment with a response, I have also updated the Ad filters.

That was an extremely

That was an extremely arrogant and snobbish reply to a post. It basically said "I have a high IQ and try my damnest to prove so with my basic grip of the English lingo with regards to vocab and grammar/punctuation."
FFS mate take your cyber head out of your virtual arse you with your "needlessly profane, and broadly speaking, low-value prose" statement.

"since I've taken the time to dignify your comment with a response" wow what a hero you are, and I guess your shit has a trendy white gold tint to it and smells of lavender yeah??

BG billing 14 months after leaving.

i have been having a constant fight with BG over a bill for 48 pounds.
The problem is i left BG in April 2007 received a final bill for Electric and Gas, both bills where actual meter readings, both bills where then payed. I have all documentation and bank statements saved to prove this. No more BG for me, or so i thought.

This year August 2008 i receive a bill for unpayed final gas bill of 48 pounds.
I have know spend hour's on the phone to Indian call center workers, trying to sort this out. I have refused to pay until they can furnish me with proof that i owe them money.
The final call i had with them was 3 weeks ago, i was told not to pay the bill, again i thought i had heard the last from BG.
Now at Christmas eve i receive the threat letter (paper terrorism) to pay or bailiffs will visit, I will incur court cost etc etc, your credit rating will be affected lar lar lar
Does anybody have any advice or experience in regards to taking this corrupt company to court , i am not one to back down, and having threats made against me only gets my juices going, any advise will be appreciated.

On a side note. If this is going on to maybe only 1% of there 16 Mil customers then this is a case of serious fraud, especially so if people are forced to pay bills they don't owe through fear threat letters.



If u have proof why worry, or

If u have proof why worry, or are u simply one of these scumbags that bugger off and never pay ure bill hoping they wipe it off .....loser

I also left and then keep receiving incorrect bills

The same thing happened to me, i keep receiving bills on an old unused cancelled account wow I thought I was the only one!

BG Bully Boys

I just wanted to share my latest complaint to BG with you all:

I received my bill 20/01/2009 which stated that my bill was due on 02/02/2009 which I fully intended to pay on this date.

Can someone please explain to me why I received a phone call from your soulless automated phone systems telling me that my bill was seriously overdue and that if it was not paid ASAP then it would be passed onto a debt recovery agency?

I think that this bully boy behaviour is absolutely disgusting! I, fortunately, am of sound body and mind so when I received this call I put it down to British Gas being a despicable organisation, but has I been elderly or with learning difficulties a call life this would have terrified me!

Whenever I call your call centre (and can stomach the 35+ minute wait) I am asked by your adviser why I am leaving British Gas. My initial reason was that I know people who work for you and I know what type of company you are and how you treat your staff. This was reason enough to leave (along with the fact that you entice your customers into price fixing when you must know full well that the wholesale price of gas will fall) but after this latest episode I am happy that I have made the right decision. I am determined to let as many people as possible know this!

Nat that it will make any difference to how they operate!

British Gas surprisingly enough

I have never dealt with a company that is so incompetent and whose staff are so well versed in lying by omission or just not telling the truth

I would recommend that NO_ONE touches their homecare service as all the last boiler service we had was a quick look to make sure it lit - no look at the radiators and an opportunity to sell me a new boiler at BG rates and a CO tester the engineer was in and out in less then half an hour

and as for the bill dispute over delaying services and then missing them altogether they cant even flow their own dispute procedure

BG we put the in in incompetent

they are told to lie unless

they are told to lie unless they are bullied by the twats at one bg
and its fully supported by hr managers, wolves stick together

Centrica - complaints two accounts for one bill

British gas have sent me bills/threats for:-

£0.01 pence.
They have transferred my credit to a redundant old account that was closed in 2003 and said I owe 5k on that, then last year they paid me back 1,400 saying I was 2k in credit, then this year they say I owe £900 and that they accidantly cancelled my direct debit last in 2007 or 2008. They are not sure...

I speak to them or get hounded by them every week!

I am shocked to see that this is the way they operate and thought I was a random account...

Yes me too, subject to BG's

Yes me too, subject to BG's profit by incompetence campaign, they have been running this tactic for over 10 years and just look at the declared profits they have made. Taking our money for services they don't even supply isn't that theft? "Buyer beware" is the cause of all of this and our nations downfall (in my humble opinion of course). How dare these people call themselves "BRITISH" gas.


British Gas Homecare. Supposed to give "Peace Of Mind". From 2005-2009 I have only had 3 boiler services. Year 2007-8 I had to contact BGH. After many calls and 3 abortive appointments waiting in all day (BGH never showed up each time) I finally managed to obtain a service April 2008. 18 months elapsed. Once again, no contact for boiler service even though their brochure says "We will contact you". They breached the contract and I had to telephone them this week to complain YET AGAIN. I got the usual "Oh were sorry about that" well book you in. I said they failed to make contact with me They then claimed they didnt have my details. I said you must have, as I have the renewed contract with the new prices. They can take money but provide an atrocious service. I said I would get a better deal if I gave the money to a passing tramp in the street.

British Gas

Home addresses is between 125 - 153 Old <removed>
SW3 <removed>

Coofer Cat update: Sorry, I think giving out his home address is a little beyond reasonable. If you want to do this sort of thing, get your own website. Meanwhile, I'm going to remove the pertinent details.

British Gas Damage

Hi All,

Firstly I should point out that this is written without prejudice and is not intended to cause offence. If it does offend anyone I sincerely apologise.

Sorry for any bad grammar, spelling mistakes and typos.

Ok here goes:
We were having with our central heating. The fan in the boiler was getting very noisy and so was the pump airing cupboard.
We called British Gas Homecare out and an engineer came to fix the problem. Well all he did was oil the fan and turn the water pressure down. All was quieter (not as quiet as usual, but quieter than when he arrived). The following day the heating packed up all together so we called them out again. A different engineer arrived and diagnosed the problem as a bad quality water supply (iron particles clogging up the pipes). He fixed the problem by washing out the pipe leading to the pump and all seemed ok. However he said we need to get all the pipes replaced with a wider bore as the ones we have will keep clogging up and they are too small to be power flushed.
He quoted the job and British Gas phoned a week or so later to book the job saying they need 2 days to complete.

Day one - Thursday December 16th:
After much discussion between the 2 man installation team as to where they need to lay the pipes, they tell me to clear furniture from some areas while they start work (which I had to do by myself). Anyway, about an hour into the job water starts pouring through the kitchen ceiling (coincidentally, onto the things I had just cleared out of the units upstairs for them). I ran up the stairs and said “You’ve hit a pipe or something because there is water coming through the kitchen ceiling”
The one that seemed in charge came to look. While I cleared the area and got a bowl to catch the water, told me that it was just water draining for the old system and there’s nothing that can be done about it. Apparently they drained most of it but there will always be some left in the pipes.
Could they not have prepared for this and had something ready before cutting the pipe?
I then phoned (the first time I have ever really been thankful for mobile phones) my parents (after all it is their house), and luckily they were on their way back from mums hospital appointment. At least I wouldn’t be alone for much longer.
My parents arrive and so does a supervisor from British Gas. He looks at the damage and says “Well its just one of those things that’s bound to happen on an installation.”
He also explains that we should not go upstairs as it is a health and safety risk with the floorboards up. Little does he know that the other two have already had me walking across the joists half a dozen times or so with coffee and to move furniture for them.
Part of the ceiling (the kitchen again) came loose. Up the stairs I went “Guys, you’ve hit the ceiling now and it’s coming away!”
They both come down and the one in charge looks at it and says he can’t understand how that happened. The other one says that ‘They’ (meaning ‘The Powers That Be’ at British Gas) will have to pay to put that right.
I’m already panicked by the water damage and now this!
Later still:
So there we were my parents and I, huddled in one room trying to tidy up and keep warm by wearing our hats and coats.
That loose bit of ceiling I mentioned in the kitchen suddenly comes down. We all jump. Dust everywhere. We all coughing and I open the front and back door to get some air. Not for long though we are so cold. The one in charge comes down (I didn’t need to call him this time). The conversation when something like this:
He says “oh, when did this happen?”
We said “Just now. You must have heard it!”
“What do you mean no?”
“Well we were banging so couldn’t hear much else…and there’s no dust”
“What are you trying to say?!”
“Nothing…it just couldn’t have been anything we’ve done”
The conversation when on like this for a little while longer, he then walked away and came back with a camera phone and starts taking pictures.
My dad then takes some pictures of his own (good thinking dad).
The supervisor returned shortly after.
He said “Get on to your insurance”
We are thinking ‘It is your fault so you should be dealing with repairing and recovering the cost. Not us.’
He said that it was just waiting to happen and it was a coincidence that they were working at the time.
I then told him that we have been here almost 10 years and it has been fine in all that time. If they were not here it would not have happened.
He then explains that British Gas cannot and will not accept liability or responsibility.
After much debate the day ended and they left us with 3 useless fan heaters.

Day two - Friday December 17th:
A comparatively uneventful day - The rest of the ceiling seems to be holding in place but did they do any work?
“What about this hole” we asked. “Where is your supervisor?”
Their supervisor was off that day but it didn’t matter as they had not finished and one of they will be back to finish on Monday.
Luckily the heating was on upstairs so we wouldn’t completely freeze.

Day three for them but day five for us - Monday December 20th:
One of them turned up and started.
When the supervisor arrived we had a few things to talk about:

* The kitchen ceiling being the obvious.
* This new and supposedly improved piping is very noisy, banging and clicking. It sounds at times like water dripping. It is constant when ever the heating is on. It has even woken me up several times.
* There were bits of pipe and nails lying under the carpets.
* When we tried to gather up the above mentioned items we noticed broken floorboards (in between joists so if stepped on you go through) and floorboards that cannot be nailed back down as your new pipes are in the way sticking up higher than the joists in places.
* This (above) now explains why we get a clanking noise when walking around upstairs.
* We also noticed burnt toilet rolls (we wondered why we were running out).
* Some of your new pipes have been bent where they shouldn’t have been bent and yet others have not been bent where should have been.

(The smell from the new piping was awful but that has faded now.)

This is all we have seen without looking too closely as without moving furniture and lifting carpets everywhere we do not know what (if anything) else has been damaged.

The heating seemed to work better and definitely quieter before British Gas got their hands on it.

British Gas insisted that we need these ‘improvements’ (and I use the word begrudgingly). They insisted that they were the best people to do it (‘You could get someone else to do the work but you never know what cowboys they might be. At least with British Gas you know you will get top quality work and fully guaranteed’)

I find the standard of work (and I’m not sure if ‘work’ is the correct term for what they did) and their attitude completely unacceptable especially considering the high price they charged. We told them, before they started, that none of us are working so we will have to pay by credit card increasing our household debt and my mother 71 years old and father 62 in January 2010 both have life long illnesses so prolonged exposure to cold is not a good idea (five days without full central heating).

Can anyone please advise me on what to do to air my views and seek some sort of recompense?
I am disgusted that British Gas is legally charging my dad for the pleasure of demolishing our home in the guise of essential home improvements. I feel that they should be paying us. Not the other way round.

Sorry for the rather long rant. I really do appreciate it if anyone has taken the time to read this and I would be very keen on hearing your views.

Oh my...

I'm by no means any sort of "source of official information", but I'd suggest you collect 'evidence' and get official about as much as you can. You'll notice a change in the way BG talk to you once you take notes of what they say, and take photos of what they've done. Even just writing down people's names as you speak to them will make them think twice about what they're saying to you.

In a more practical sense, maybe try these things:

1) Write down a series of events, with times and dates, and get the names of the workmen present (if they were there at those times). Keep it factual - just say things like "10.51 am: Ceiling collapse in kitchen", rather than "ceiling collapse due to BG poor workmanship").

2) Take photos of as much as you can - make sure you get a time, date and location of each photo you take.

3) Collect and copy all of the above, and get British Gas to look it over and confirm they agree with it all. Make sure you give them a time period to confirm, say 30 days. If you post anything, make sure you do it by registered post. Every time you do anything, make a note of what you did, who you spoke to, and what was said. If someone telephones you, make some notes, get their name, and ask them to confirm they agree with the notes you've taken.

I'd also give Citizens Advice a call, and meet them (with all the above paperwork). It might be worth calling your insurance company and alerting them to the situation - if they do end up getting involved, it'll all go much quicker if you've got them involved early (and no harm done if not).

Most of all, don't lose heart, and best of luck!

RE British Gas Damage

Much sympathy, in your case it sounds more like a case of criminal damage than a boiler installation. Pipes not fitting under floorboards and missing incorectly fitted floorboards are both serious H&S issues which should any occupant or visitor injure themselves on, the company contracted would be liable. As for the damage from water remaining in old pipes and the kitchen ceiling being damaged, clear case of incompetence on behalf of the workmen, and thus the liability of BG.

As much as I hate to say it i'd be tempted to sue them using one of the no win no fee solicitor firms, but get real legal advice first :-P

Thank you

Thank you coofercat for you reply.

Your idea of keeping a log sounds good to me, although I don't think I can remember times of the actual events, I can make rough estimates and log down all from now on. I have some photos ready.

We've been on to our insurance company and they are saying that there are exclusions in the policy which means we only possibly covered for the water damage...Now I don't see the point in repairing a crack when there is a big hole next to it.
Anyway they are going to send a contractor to asses the damage and to see if it can be all classed as one claim (initially they said that all the damage will be seperate claims, however as we would only be covered for the water damage they will see if they can bundle it all together as one job).
If they can sort any of the damage out we would still have to pay £250 excess (which we cannot afford). So I'm still praying thet British Gas will sort out their mess.

Thank you once again for your helpful advise.


Hi Everyone,

We have just got the bill from British Gas and it's £476.90 more than what they quoted!

Other News:
A contractor come out to us on behalf of our insurance company and we are now waiting to hear back from them.

I've had about enough of this and I'm at my wits end.

I'll keep you all updated as and when things happen.

Moving along now

Thank you all again,

We sent a letter to the Managing Director for BG Service and Repair and a following email. After a few days we were phoned to arrange a time for someone to come and have a look and talk to us about what can be done. It turned out to be the same unhelpful supervisor that we orininally saw but with a more understanding and helpful attitude (the letter seems to have helped). Anyway because he told us to get on to our insurance in the first place, they told us to get in writing what British will actually do. Several phone calls later to both BG and our insurance BG still would not put anything in writing. So our insurance said they would talk to them directly.
British Gas are coming next week to try to repair the damage to the floors "as best they can" and try to stop the constant noise from the pipes.
Yippee! A good start, but also they have agreed to get a builder in to look at the ceiling incase the artex contains asbestos. Also they will be getting on to thier insurance to see if they will cover the damage to the kitchen ceiling.

Things are looking up - I will update again

Quick Update

Twice we've told British Gas that that have sent the wrong bill and they've told us they will correct it and send it to us.
Today we recieved a final demand for the incorrect bill threatening to alert their "Debt Recovery team" if we don't pay the full amount (even though we should be paying in installments) in 7 days.
The bill is dated 3 days ago and we now have 2 days for the weekend so thats 5 days already before we can even contact them again!

Some positive news

Today a British Gas man arrived and started to get to work on the problems.
He has moved some of the pipes into corners of the room and screwed down a couple of the broken floorboards to make them safer until they are replaced.
Because he had to cut some pipes to move them he drained the system and refilled it after bleeding the radiators and now they all seem to heat up (some more than others, but that has got something to do with how they are now set up apparently).
Anyway, something that he has done (he is not sure what) seems to have reduced the constant banging/clanking noise we have been suffering with. It is still there but now much much quieter and I'm sure if it stays that way I will get a better sleep at last.
Anyway, he is coming back tomorrow to do some more.

They tell me that they have put our bill on hold until this is all resolved.

How confusing?

How confusing is that? There is far too many different addresses to write to. I think it is impressive you got a reply from the CEO, that is a very promising sign.

Repair Update

Hi All,

Sorry it has been so long since my last update but it has taken a long time for BG to do anything. After a long wait and many phone calls we have finally had a rather good result.
British Gas insurers have repaired our ceiling and also replaced the dangerous floorboards (not all the damaged ones but at least we no longer fear walking in our own home). To be honest they have not done the finest job on the floorboards but we are satisfied. There is still some noise but we are learning to live with it as it is not longer constant and is much more quiet (most of the noise was from some wood (part of a joist) they had used as a wedge between 2 pipes).
Also one of the floorboards they had actually put down we have since found out they had screwed through the earth but we have been told it should still be safe (fingers crossed).
In all fairness the repair to the kitchen ceiling is fantastic and it is impossible to tell there was ever any damage let alone a big hole.
All that said we have already received a new bill (funny how they can be prompt when they want money) and for the correct amount this time.

I am now wondering if we have any grounds for some compensation.
What do you think?

I have had nothing but good

I have had nothing but good service from Britsh Gas, from both engineers and their office staff alike.

British Gas Marketing.

A few weeks ago I am at home around tea time and the mrs who is sat next to me answers the phone.
I hear her ask the caller to hold the line.
She hands me the phone telling me it is British Gas who want to speak to me.
Seems odd to me, for one we are not with them, and for two very few people know our telephone number because it is a new number.
We have lived in the property over 20 years.
The caller addresses me by my full name then for some reason hangs up.
A check on the caller ID reveals their number.
Annoyed that they have called me, my own energy supplier does not know my number, I contact the top dogs at British Gas, what a waste of time that has been.
First of all I get the excuse that the number belonged to a former customer but BG had not been informed that I now had the number.
But they admitted they were baffled by how I was actually asked for by name but they say they will investigate further and get back to me.
They have now got back to me saying that they have retrieved a copy of the recording of the call and they say that I was not addressed by my name, that they asked for the customer whom they say had the number before.
So basically, according to them, two people are liars.
My wife did not hear my name get mentioned, if she had heard a different name she would have told the caller they had the wrong number, and when she handed me the phone, according to them, I did not hear the caller address me by my full name.
Now contacting the information commissioners office.
I wanted to know how they had obtained my number, and they have fobbed me off and into the bargain called us both liars.
Anyone think the press would like this story?
I know one thing, no BG representative had better step foot on this doorstep!

british gas

How about this? We had a major loss of power yesterday, caused, we eventually discovered, by a burnt-out mains fuse. It took us 5 hours to find this out. When we asked British Gas to help, since they were our suppliers, and to whom we have been paying our bills since 2001, they denied being our suppliers! This, I was told by some Indian person on their 'helpline'. The big problem here was that I found her nearly impossible to understand as her accent was so strong. She clearly, found me difficult to understand also, as she told us that British Gas do not supply electricity!!! Eventually, we got help and the problem solved through Scottish Power's Electricity Emergency Helpline. What does this tell us I ask?


Have you heard that all 6000 odd BG engineers now get an allowance of £10 per day £200 per month "hot drink allowance" because of the cold...!!!

Thats part of your 7% rise in fuel costs to their slush fund

British Gas Engineers work

British Gas Engineers work for BG Services and Commercial Ltd, not Residential Energy. They are seperate P&L business'. So, no - this does not affect your gas and elec bills.

Their hot drunks allowance is a "Thank you" from their leadership teams for the long hard hours they put in - in adverse weather conditions, sometimes working up to around 20h hours per shift to keep peoples homes warm.

They deserve everything they get.

What a load of Cobbles !!

I worked for British gas for over 42 years ,,,,,, this claim is a load of B**LS**T
Sorry get your fact right pal !!

British Gas fraudsters

British gas have just sent us our first bill after having our new gas central heatring put in, for a quarter £210. I asked friends, family and neighbours about their standard tariff and they are all different!. I phoned twice today.(16/12/10) to try and clear the problem and to tell them their calculations don't make sense. The first person was a female and she tried to say that the lowest price per kw i gave her was for disabled and elderly - which is bull but she could't explain why the price was so high. Then in the evening i rang again and spoke to a man who was insistent that i give him my date of birth and phone number before i could proceed to complain, he insisted the bill was correct despite the evidence i was giving him. Then he asked if i would complete a customer service survey to say how happy i was with his service, when all he was was arrogant,annoying and bloody minded.

British gas cowards

The email above was written by me as 'Guest' but agents are watching me via the internet and put annonymous coward there instead which describes them best! Government scumbags and zionist jew assholes

It is the new year (7.1.11)

It is the new year (7.1.11) and they still haven't resolved why i have a £210 gas bill, i have phoned several times since and each time its a different person, the last person asked me to average my gas usuage over two weeks - it came to 22units at 6.620p a unit and even if they trebled that for a quarterly bill, it still wouldn't be £210!.
As i have seen reading through numerous complaints on various websites they as taking the piss, so hit them where it hurts and change supplier!
BRITISH GAS WILL PAY THE PRICE EVENTUALLY especially with that nasty guy in their london or ireland office who is recognisable by his annoying voice and irritable behaviour and who at some point will be clearly identified.


Do not ever, EVER use British Gas. They are total Thieves.
Got a Boiler installed by them, it ended up costing me over £2500 (this was fourteen years ago). They screwed up big time
and made such a mess of my inside/outside walls (for the vent) that I complained and said I would not pay.
They kept me sweet until the 12 month payment period was over whereupon my 'debt' was passed to a Debt collection Agency.
Subsequently, I had no recourse to BG because the debt was not owed to them!!!! Now I owed the Finance Company who charged
me massive interest. It took me five years to pay off because an early settlement would have incurred massive early-repayment
Stay away, they are total scum.
Think about their advert in Q3/Q4 2010 on Radio and TV..they said that if you stick with BG you will have a lot less BRrrrrrr (Shiverring) and a lot more Aaaaaahhhhhh(contentment) because their prices are the cheapest.
Late Q4 2010 they put their prices up.
Stay away, go with EDF,Eon or anyone else.
They are amongst the Slyest Criminals that exist anywhere.
Also, the current person who is the Voice for BG on Radio and TV should definitely be tortured for a week or so
nearly to the point of death, given a blood transfusion, only to start all over again for years before he actually expires.
Reasonable justice is what I call it.

electric meter

hi we moved in to our property 2 years ago,since then we have had estimated bills of £54 every quater,we have reported this to them loads of times and they insisted everything was ok my partner gave the readins off the meter and they were ok too.so we rang last week to say we were moving house and they said there is a problem with meter readings so we explain we have complained and asked about the estimated bills and we were assured they were ok.the opperator said yes i can see you have reported it and your reading are here,anyway he said you are looking at a big bill-to our horror! the opperator said the meter had not been setup properly since it was installed a year previously before we moved in.he passed it onto his supervisor who we argued with that it was bg’s fault and she said our bill over the 2years adds up to £2400!she said bg are willing to take 12months blame so we would owe them £1200 there is noway we are going to pay that so my partner said £500 which would be £20 every month over 2 years now they are still deciding on this offer off us.but unlike my partner i dont think we should pay them a penny as we have reported the problem loads of times and they have excepted it is their fault.any comments or advice would be helpfull please…

electric meter

Firstly please check the meter serial number you have as they will want this to verify it's the same meter as the industry database and on their billing system. It will be under the bar code on your meter.

Secondly, contact their complaints team, you can see how at www.britishgas.co.uk/complaints and explain that you had tried to raise this issue on several occassions. If they can't resolve it within 40 days a letter is sent to you advising you that you can go to Ofgem and it is also raised to Ofgem. As soon as a letter is sent to Ofgem any supplier is charged £350...so you will get this much taken off your bill in any case.

Thirdly, keep a note of all contacts, times, dates and offers you receive and if you do need to go to Ofgem you have a log of this.

And last but not least, please remember in any industry or business things go wrong and the person on the end of the phone is not the company but a representative. Explain how upset you are but please don't get personal and you may find that the person will help you a lot more than is usual.

As someone who has worked in social work, door supervision, youth work and with an energy supplier if you make it personal to me I will not help you but if you say "I'm really upset about this and realise it isn't your fault, is there anything you can do?" I will try my hardest to resolve your issue and to help.

Hope this helps.






British Gas Homeserve boiler engineer.

My story re BGH is shocking to say the least. A previous repair left my boiler losing pressure so I had to call out BGH again. On the 31 August 2011 an engineer called Gary turned up, he was supposed to sort out why the boiler was losing pressure and to add inhibitor since the previous engineer did not do this after draining down the system.

Long story short, he done nothing as arranged per the call out. I unwittingly caught him in the act of vandalising my boiler, but I did not realise that is what he was doing at the time. Although I did think it was strange that he was tinkering with the top of the boiler - the business end with all the parts is at the bottom of my boiler. I never for one minuted suspected he was actually trying to cause damage.

2 days later the boiler lost all pressure again, so I repressurised it and decided to take a look at what he could have been doing on top of the boiler, that is when I realised what he was up to, using a screwdriver to lever the joint between the flue and the top of the boiler. He had lifted part of the alloy flue away from the seal around the top of the boiler, I could even see the marks made by the screwdriver.

Naturally I complained to BG, the manager is coming to see me on saturday 10 sept 2011. I will keep you posted.

I am in High Wycombe, Bucks. So if anyone out there has had an engineer called Gary,(in his fifties I would say)visit them in the past, only to be told they need a new flue because the old one is leaking carbon monoxide, please post here to arrange contact via email and phone. I have no doubt had I not disturbed him in the act, I would have ended up needing to have a new flue fitted, which is not covered by my policy.

He also left me his mobile number to contact him for private work, to fit a magnabooster for me.

Update; British Gas engineer caught damaging boiler.

2 BG engineers called round today 9 sept 2011, a day early! A manager Nigel Kearney and A.N Other engineer.

They could see nothing wrong with the flue, which is fair enough, after all I caught engineer Gary in the act of vandalising my boiler, obviously preventing him from causing real damage.

The screwdriver marks clearly visible on the edge of the flue do not count as the boiler flue had no holes or damage preventing it from working, so that does not matter either. Or at least I hope it has no holes, the water does not get as hot as it used to.

In hindsight had I not caught Gary in the act, I have no doubt I would have needed a new flue, which the manager tells me, IS covered under the policy and it would have cost me nothing if it needed replacing.
I still find that hard to believe, but that is what he told me.

Gary is apparently a technical expert on boilers, he is their go to man when they have a problem. The one question they could not answer was why Gary did not fix my boiler when he was here, if he is such an expert. I kept repeating "so you can't explain why Gary did not fix the boiler". They even had the cheek to suggest that Gary did not know what the problem was.

That begged the questions, "why did you send him to my property then", "are you in the habit of sending engineers out on a whim"- clearly they were making excuses for Gary. I could see I was rapidly getting nowhere so I asked the manager Nigel, who is the next person above you because I intend to take this further.

Nigel advised me to get an independent report done if I want to take the matter further.

Apparently Gary has had no complaints whatsoever made against him, which surprises me as he did nothing when he was in my property, I suppose you do not have to work when you have a manager that makes excuses for you.

Meanwhile I will report the matter to Trading Standards to see what they advise, and watchdog in case anyone else has had problems with Gary.

'posted' bills not arriving

My British Gas billing got into a mess because of confusion over whether my meter is imperial or metric. Once this was sorted out, I was promised a recalculated bill through the post. Two weeks later the bill hadn't arrived. When I phoned, I was told the bill didn't get posted because there had been a 'block' on my account while the bill was being recalculated, and the block was removed after the bill was issued, which stopped the bill from being posted. A new bill was issued, with a promise that it would be posted out that day. A week later it hadn't arrived. I phoned again, and spoke to a totally unconcerned, apathetic 'customer service' person, who (without my agreement) issued another bill, £10 higher than the previous one, for the same meter reading. When I objected to this, he cancelled that bill, then didn't know what to do next. I gave up on him and phoned the complaints number. They have promised me a bill, and have also said they would put a copy of that bill manually into the post, in case the automatically generated one doesn't come. They will phone me next Friday morning to check to see if the bill has arrived. This situation has been a nightmare, and I'm worried that future bills will also be 'issued' but not posted. What a mess it's been!


can anyone give the the name and email address and or postal address of CEO for British Gas? ta

Re: complaints

British Gas doesn't have a CEO, but does have a managing director. His name and address is in the article, so hopefully easy to find.

i was called to an old ladies

i was called to an old ladies house,to give a price for a new boiler,she had been told by british gas that she needed a new boiler as her one was broken and could not be fixed,on arrival i noticed the heating was working and asked what was wrong with it, she said she had no hot water,it was a conventional boiler with hot water cylinder,the two port valve that feeds the cylinder was stuck shut,i freed it and 15 mins later left the job and saved her a few grand.british gas should have found the problem easy but did not,seems thay are not good engineers or just trying to fit new boilers at very high costs

Having fun with the gits currently

Apparently they seem to think I'm due them money...Oddly my name only appeared on a bill after I told thier complaints department and they are now claiming I have been one of thier customers for years.

If I was why did the fist threating letter come addressed wtih a to the resident address?

I also have a letter from the only person that bothered to check the meter number stating that I was not due them a penny.

I have been lied to by them and I figure it's OFT time.

Please stop calling these people engineers, they are monkeys

We had them come round to fix our system, the baboon replaces the pcb and then leaves, the freak did not even bother to turn the system on to check if had fixed the problem, it hadn’t.

Put British in front of anything these days and you are sure to be disappointed, disgusting!

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