Coofercat's weblog... is no longer active. The old posts are still available in the archives, but I'm not updating here any longer.

A little look around the Internet will quickly reveal a great number of old personal 'blogs that have been abandoned, I suspect the rise of the likes of Twitter and Facebook provide a way for most of us to digitally shout.

I also suspect the demise of the personal blog is in part due to Google. Google search results for relatively obscure terms used to turn up random pages on random sites. These days though, if there's a commercial angle to words you type in that little box, then the results seem to be swamped with links to product pages and such like. There's not much point running a blog if the only hits you get are from bots :-(

Whatever the reasons, we've all seemingly found different/better things to do. Me included - it was fun while it lasted :-)