I was in HMV the other day and saw this on the shelf. I'm very wary of buying 'dance' music these days, as vast amounts of it seem to be over-commercial, homogenised rubbish. Innovation seems to be lost in favour of money-making in this genre (plus, the whole Ibiza phenomenon has calmed down a lot). The 'preview' tracks on the computerised listening posts (in HMV) are absolutely obligatory unless I've had a decent recommendation.

All that said, Paul Oakenfold seems to be able to make decent music, regardless of the failings of his industry colleagues. 'A Lively Mind' isn't super-innovative, it's not breaking much, if any new ground, but it's full of decent, dance tracks. There are a couple of real 'hits' here too (at least one of which is available as a single). As you'd probably expect from an accomplished DJ such as Oakenfold, it's all mixed and produced flawlessly.

Oakenfold seems to put one or two tracks on his albums that aren't his best work. On 'Bunkka' it was 'Nixons Spirit' (an utterly out-of-place pile of steamies). On 'A Lively Mind', it's 'Praise the Lord' (and arguably 'Set it off'). That said, actually, even the naff tracks on this are pretty good. I think these are attempts to be a bit 'crazee' and show how cool he is, but I'm not sure they hit the mark.

If you're into dancy electronica, and you like Oakenfold's other work, then you'll like this - it's good, give it a try!