This isn't 'rap' in the usual sense. It's really a semi-music account of life in Compton. I wouldn't rate myself as a big rap fan, but I can see how this album made big waves in the world of rap way back when it was released.

The unimaginative may see this as a bunch of scum-bag black men swearing themselves into oblivion. However, there's way more to it than that. These guys call themselves niggers, and live up the the stereotype and then some. They're unrepentant about the life they lead; the know it's dangerous and hard, but they get a buzz from it. Better still, they like showing off about it. This is the real bling - it's the hard graft behind the trappings of success.

Provided you're not prudish about the language, NWA are well worth a listen. The gangs members of course went on to do all sorts of things on their own, but young and together they perform rap in a way I've yet to see matched by the likes of Eminem or other later day rap 'heroes' and 'bad boys'.