The London Dungeon

I've just got back from an evening out. Before that, I went to the London Dungeon, which was really good!
The London Dungeon is really good. If you're anywhere near London Bridge you should go there. It's fairly expensive at about ?13 each, but really worth it.

To start with, my friend and I seemed to be the only people there. We wandered through a few corridors in the dark, and saw a few gruesome figures. The best bit of the first part of the exhibition was the bloke who pukes when you walk into the doorway.

Anyway, there we were, reading the signs, looking at the stuff when this smallish woman, with blotches on her face, scraggy clothes, and a sort of unwell, expectant look on her face appears, is standing just a bit too close to us. My friend (who was excellent mileage - chaps - take a girl with you!) jumps and says "oh fucking hell". Anyway, the woman, in absolute genius style says "none of that language please, young lady" and then beckons us into the rest of the exhibition (either that, or wait for the school kids who were just behind us, and of whom the woman told us, "you will want to strangle them").

As we go around, we find maybe 10 other people waiting for the next attraction. It's funny, you're in there, and are told to walk into a room, but no one wants to go all the way in. People are sort of hanging back by the door way, and hiding behind each other. Anyway, we go into the next thing, which is all about torture. The torturer guy asks for a volunteer - as you might imagine, no one steps forward. He's looking really disappointed. I end up stepping forward (despite trying to push my friend forward). Anyway, I'm asked to scream a bit and stuff, it's all a bit of fun, and easy to do.

The next thing was great - you go into a court room - my friend got tried for dancing on Hampstead Heath with no clothes on, and tassles on her boobs. Because the crowd of us was pretty quiet, nothing much happened. I wish I'd been there shouting "burn the witch!", and stuff. I think that's what would have really been fun then - certainly what the judge and clerk were hoping for, I think.

Anyway, we wandered around the various things, which are really well presented. I think I remembered a pub sign (the "leather apron") from when I was last there (when I was about 10 years old). Besides that, I know the bit they had spent ages getting to smell "just right" wasn't there anymore (harldy suprising, given it's been 20 years!). It was very good though - Anne Boleyn was good - a talking manikin. I have to say, the best bit of all though was watching my friend jump (and swear) when the woman first walked up to us, right at the beginning.

So, all said and done - it's great - you should definitely go - very good, and well worth your hard earned wonga!

Submitted by coofercat on Thu, 2003-12-04 00:34