Grr! CSS boxes and layout! It's infuriating!

I had another go at CSS boxes, following "Retooling Slashdot with Web Standards". I found Inknoise's CSS Layout-o-matic. Trouble is, once I actually put it all into action, it doesn't work in many browsers.
I keep thinking that getting into CSS would be really cool. I could have a different layout for screen, print and my Internet TV. Trouble is, I just can't get the bloody thing to work. Seemingly, the three column layout is "the holy grail" of CSS, although more and more people seem to be talking about it. There seem to be ways to make all this browser independent, and "fail gracefully" on other things.

The Layout-o-matic CSS is really good - it works very nicely, but of course, as one might expect, Internet Explorer lets you down. It turns out, IE won't size a column based on the CSS specification; it sizes it so that it can fit text in how it wants. It then doesn't seem to put the middle column in the right place, and so the whole screen gets in a mess. More or less same thing happens with my Netgem (although of course the screen is much smaller).

All in all, one complete pain in the arse.

Submitted by coofercat on Sun, 2003-11-23 01:08