Some People... Pah!

Freedom of speech is a good thing. If nothing else, it allows us to find out how arrogant some people are ;-)
A comment I found on the BBC's Talking Point about protests at Bush's visit:

"For those who do not like the way that Bush and Blair have handled the world, I ask you did you have another suggestion? Keep in mind that UN asked nicely for over a decade. The US and UK played along. We just got tired of the disrespect. US, UK, Canada, AUS we are the greatest nations to ever exist on this planet. Our hard work demands that when we say to do something it gets done. PERIOD!
Sean, Georgia, USA"

I know everyone's entitled to their opinion, and I'm not going to argue with this guy's politics (even though I don't agree). However, I have to argue with "the greatest nations ever to exist". I honestly don't think the US, UK, Canada or Australia are the "greatest". If you're a staunch-Muslim (for example), I'm sure there are many places you'd rather be. If you're an Arab, I suspect the Middle East is a far better place to live.

Besides, as a Brit, I can't possibly look upon our country as "the greatest". First of all, that's arrogance of the higest order. Second, it's totally not true. Everyone with an ounce of nouse knows the failings of a country. I mean, the Brits didn't do a good job leaving India/Pakistan, for example. On a smaller scale, the UK's doing some very dubious things about personal freedom and privacy (eg. the EUCD, ID Cards, Right to Protests etc). This is hardly the behaviour of "one of the Greatest countries on Earth".

I'm sure that many US citizens think that actually, the US is the greatest, and the UK's only great by association. Well, as we all know, the US is even more prolific at taking away it's people's freedoms, and interfering with other countries cultures and politics.

And so, I have to disagree with Sean, in Georgia. I also have to wonder why he assumes that because he believes he is better than someone else, that gives him the right to demand they comply to any of hisrequests. Surely, the person from whom you're demanding compliance believes they're better than you?

Ahh... freedom of speech - it's great, isn't it?

Submitted by coofercat on Wed, 2003-11-19 14:29