The Bush Visit to London

Despite incredible levels of security, a woman gets onto the gates of Buckingham Palace for two hours!
Last night, the Anti War people were handing out flyers at Clapham North tube. I think they're getting a bit organised this time around. The Metro was reporting that it's the most high tech. demonstration ever, although there are rumours that the mobile phone networks may be killed while Bush is moving around so that they can't be used for bombs.

Frankly, this level of security would indicate to me that the visit is a bad idea. Seemingly, a poll suggests that more Brits agree with the visit than disagree; I wonder if that's perhaps a bit simplistic. I agree Bush and Blair need to get talking and get their collective act together, but I don't agree we should be subjected to this hubbub.

There is apparently a hightened risk of Al-Qaeda attacks in London. I'm not sure about this, I mean, Bush is pretty heavily fortified. I'm sure one could disrupt his day by setting off a small bomb somewhere near to Bush's route - that would force the security services to close off a large area and then check it all out thoroughly.

However, I'd imagine you could do better by blowing something up in the US. First of all, there are 400 less Secret Service people in the US right now, and it would mean that the whole of the visit would be ill-advised (provided it was perceived that "the US was under attack"). I suspect the most likely will be the former, but there you go...

Submitted by coofercat on Tue, 2003-11-18 11:26