Weekend Shenanigans

People and computers have been busy over the weekend! I've found out that 20% of the email to my work is detectable spam. Sadly, some slipped through the net, but it turned out to be quite interesting...
First of all, by coincidence, I received a report from our spam filter at work telling me we had received 10,000 emails, 2000 of which were spam. Scary stuff.

One of the ones that slipped through the net was from maricellaortiz@link-builder.com Maricella Ortiz of Link-Builder.com. Apparently, coofercat.com is just the place she's looking for to place a link to some laptop battery web site. Seemingly, I get one back too. I can't imagine what sort of company would want to link to me, unless it's to some specific article. I'm guessing it'll be a link buried in a mass of all kinds of other rubbish. Apparently, I can email Maricella back to tell her I don't want her to contact me again. Well, Maricella, here's your notification (not that I expect you'll be reading it). Don't contact me again.

Sadly, Maricella wanted to keep the link confidential (so probably not as stupid as I give her credit). Ironically, if she hadn't, I'd have probably linked to it by now, which if nothing else, would have got them a little Google PageRank. Of course, I might have also said "don't buy anything from these people", but PageRank is PageRank at the end of the day. Besides, no one's going to read this drivvel, so they're probably safe.

Second spam of the weekend was via a contact form I have someplace. IP address submitted rubbish, and then proceeded to do it three more times from Seemingly, this was an attempt to send Spam - voldak3@aol.com voldak3@aol.com composed something resembling badly formatted SMTP headers into fields named Title, First Name, Surname and Job Title. Needless to say, my contact form handler wasn't going to send him any messages. Bloody fool! Get a life you spanner!

Submitted by coofercat on Mon, 2003-11-10 12:21