Some other places

I was just doing some stuff, took a break and found a few other places you might like...
I had a look at London Bloggers and found a few nice ones on the front page.

First up, Why I Hate Humanity. This blog is by a bloke who seems to live on a scummy estate, and works as a paramedic, picking people off the road in an ambulance. He's a pretty vocal chap, and describes some of the people he helps, or just drives by on the way. Stories of kids throwing things at his ambulance as he's on a shout get me almost as upset as he does. I guess in his line of work, you get to see the best and worst of people.

Secondly, I found Not so sure about this one. God knows my presentation isn't great, but this isn't good. Shrink the width of your broswer window to make this readable. Not overly sure about content, although he seems to have a bit of a following, so fair play to the guy.

Lastly, yorkpete. This guy knows a bit about presentation, and seemingly how to take a photo. I didn't find much that I really wanted to delve into, but still thought it was good. I also liked this:

[image unavailable]

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