Not Suprising at All

It's hardly suprising that the media gave 'sanitised views' of the Iraq war. Possibly worse still, is it's still going on.
Journos have to be sympathetic and aware of the Geneva Convention on reporting wars, especailly in countries where the TV is heavily regulated. It's going to be hard to show the horrors of war on TV if you'r e not allowed to show violence before 9pm (etc etc). Al Jazeera got all kinds of grief for showing POWs and severely injured people. Clearly there's some middle ground that wasn't ever reached by them or UK Journos. The "embed programme" of putting Journos with military people makes for good TV, and potentially good news reporting. You surely know they're going to have a hard time getting shots of the kid with his head blown off (or whatever).

We had a slanted view of the war before it started, we had a slanted view of it while it was happening, and we're getting slanted information now. You can bet the "dossier" inquiries in the UK and US are supposed to be objective, but are going to be affected by the politics of the country they're in.

Submitted by coofercat on Thu, 2003-11-06 16:11