European Patents: Update

Jean Lambert is the next to respond. A well informed and comprehensive response...
Jean Lambert initially describes how the original intention was to move to a US system of patenting. She then states that patents favour big companies, stifle small ones, and harm open source software.

She goes on to say that her party has been active on these issues, and has been involving patent experts, economists and programmers. She also points me to the website

More interestingly, she goes on to explain the changes to the draft, for which she voted. Despite these changes, the draft remains ambigous and contradictory (articles 2 & 3 contradict each other). She believes that this current draft would open the gate for software patents in Europe. She then explains that despite voting for the changes, she voted against this Directive.

Lastly, she explains that given the successful attack on the directive, the Parliament may choose to withdraw the draft and seek a legislative route that does not involve the electorate. She suggests that we must continue to campaign on this issue, in particular by lobbying the UK Goverment.

Submitted by coofercat on Sat, 2003-10-11 12:57