Verisign show themselves to be clueless

Verisign's Mark McLaughlin (senior VP and general manager) shows just how clueless he is in a Cnet editorial.
This just goes to show how hopeless Verisign are. McLaughlin calls Sitefinder an "innovation". He also says that the Internet was clearly not broken. I think he's been using a browser, and pretty much nothing else. He sounds like the kind of guy who calls his tech support department saying "the Internet crashed" when IE crashes. Whilst it wasn't broken beyond use (because that's the way it's designed), it had degraded. There's even full technical documentation on this issue.

McLaughlin has clearly missed the entire point of this whole thing. If the browser lacks functionality, and gives "confusing" error messages, then this is an issue with the browser. Surely, Verisign would be better off providing some kind of API to a site finder service and then convince Microsoft and Netscape to include the functionality to use it.

This solves the "problem" perceived by McLaughlin, and provides consumer choice, is innovative, is technically harmonious, and doesn't get everyone's backs up (for what ever reason).

Come on McLaughlin and Verisign, get a grip.

Submitted by coofercat on Tue, 2003-10-07 16:48