European Software Patents - Update

Robert Evans is the third MEP to respond to my faxed concerns...
It seems, Robert Evans was unavailable for comment. Instead, Louise Humphrey ("Casework Manager") responded to me, with a rather short, and uninformed letter. She says:

"You may be aware that last week, MEPs backed new rules on patenting software that drives electronic devices. Labour members felt that the vote will make inventions implemented on machines work better and give inventors and investors and the protection of clear patent protection. Without this protection there will be no financial incentive for our most creative industries to develop genuine inventions". [imperfect English reproduced verbatim]

She goes on to say, "Robert is aware of the concerns you expressed so fully in your letter but after the many hours of discussion in the parliamemnt and lobbying from individuals and companies the final vote was intended to address these concerns."

So, in essense, Robert Evans in in favour of the proposed European Software Patents, and is also not prepared to answer to me directly, prefering to use his "Casework Manager". This, I believe, is essentially deplorable, and is remenicient of the worst of unaccountable government of the past. Not only is Mr. Evans ill-informed, he is too cowardly to even put his case before his electorate.

Mr. Evans, if you wish to put your case, please do so. Do not hide behind appointees, and please be accountable to your electorate. You clearly have little interest in the issues of the day (bearing in mind, only 1% are actually moved to comment). Given the lack of information in your response, one wonders if you even understand the issues you vote on.

Submitted by coofercat on Sat, 2003-10-04 03:52