Oh for goodness sake...

'no suprise' Iraq WMD not found. Agreed.Will the government just hurry up and collapse, please?
They lied. We knew they were lying. They insisted. We insisted. They went ahead anyway. Now, they're in trouble. We all knew Saddam was doing naughty things, we all knew that it wasn't good. That wasn't used as the justification though. The main reason was the WMD. Everything else was supporting evidence.

Now, the only justification was the supporting evidence. The main argument is proving, day after day, to be false. Any government that directly lies must have a hard time convincing their electorate that they're worth re-electing. If you're gonna lie, then do it convincingly, and don't do it directly. Not likely to be a good strategy if you're talking about going to war though. There, I think you probably need to be honest.

Submitted by coofercat on Fri, 2003-10-03 17:44