The Matrix Reloaded - IMAX Edition

Oh my word...
I went to see the Matrix Reloaded at the London IMAX last night. Quite an experience. If like me, you've been under a rock for the last couple of months, and haven't seen Reloaded, then go see it at your local IMAX. The big screen and excellent sound really help make it.

Also, while you're there you may get treated to some 3D trailers. Whilst you have to wear some very dodgy glasses, the result is extraordinary. The animation, being computer generated is pixel perfect, and very well produced. The trailer for Space Station 3D was great, although there were a few bits of detail that your eyes just can't focus on - I guess the cameras or the projectors are slightly out of alignment. Something like the Matrix, which is largely computer enhanced would be absolutely amazing, if only someone would make it.

As for Reloaded, it's an amazing ride from a slightly dubious start to a disappointing ending. Fortunately, the stuff in the middle is awesome. There's plenty of bullet shell casings flying about, a whole world of fight scenes, and the attention to detail is legendary.

Apparently, some people think it's "too complicated". Well, sorry, but you're just stupid. The intersections between 'reality' and 'the Matrix' are well done, and obvious. Of course, there's enough of a hint in there to suggest that there are many levels of the matrix and reality. I guess we'll have to see what's what in the next film.

All in all, it's a good film. It's excellently presented, and it's entertaining.

Submitted by coofercat on Fri, 2003-10-03 15:00