The Overbearing State

This article really worries me. It's the usual argument, much like ID cards, that really penalises the innocent and "easy targets". The likes of you and I will be rounded up quickly and carded, or swabbed. The lowlife who's burgling your flat right now won't line up nicely, and won't be caught. The "incredibly useful DNA/ID database" will then show up empty, and thus, our friend gets away further still.
UPDATE: Apparently, soon, if you get arrested you'll have to give up your DNA (before being charged or prosecuted). Very worrying indeed.
Even if you get to a really scary state where you get swabbed at birth, the lowlife still gets away (you can only swab the babies you know about, after all). If you're reasonably clever, and prepared to move about (without notifying the proper authorities, of course) then it doesn't matter if your DNA is on file or not. They'll always be a step behind you.

I on the other hand, like to have a flat I can call my own, like to work in a job, and like to be paid well (which incidentally of course generates tax revenue). In what ever small way, this increases the productivity of the nation, and might actually make it a more prosperous and hopefully pleasant place to live.

Since I do all this, and since I don't commit crime, I don't see the need for me to pro-actively co-operate in any way with law enforcement. They have no visibility of me, they have no need of my DNA because they will not find it on a dead body or in a burgled flat. (Just in case you're worried, if I'm a witness, or otherwise some use to an investigation, then I'm quite happy to help out with the enquiries. I won't "give a DNA sample to eliminate me from enquiries" though - I'll be eliminated because I'm innocent, and for no other reason).

I wonder, if I have to give my DNA to law enforcement, and this is compulsory, would it also become compulsory for the police to come to my aid? At the moment, they think about it, leave it for a bit, have a cup of tea, wait for the problem to disperse and then come around. I'm not sure that'll change.

So, law and policy makers, know this: You'll have to forcebly extract my DNA to get it from me. I will never consent to voluntary donation. Also, while we're on the subject, I will never carry an ID card (for the same reason).

If the UK were to introduce either of these schemes, and make them compulsory, I would seriously have to consider emmigration to some more civil nation. I'll take my skills elsewhere, thank you very much. Of course, by then, I probably won't be allowed out my my own house without a permit, so I guess I could be on a bit of a loser ;-)

Submitted by coofercat on Mon, 2003-09-08 11:19