Stupid US Anti-terrorism Laws

Apparently, Nelson Mandela has been temporarily knocked off the list of terrorists the US doesn't want to let in. He gets 10 years off the list, presumably then to be denied access once again. Seemingly, so long as you're in government somehow, you bypass the list, which is how come Mr. Mandela was able to fly to the US to receive awards for being a generally top bloke.
Once again, we see how completely de-constructive the US can be. Headed up by Bush-the-stupid, the US administration just wants to cause problems for everyone. Apparently, if you've been convicted of something by a corrupt government or legal system, the US doesn't want you. If on the other hand, you're in that corrupt government or legal system, then they do. Incredible amounts of short-sightedness.

One has to wonder how many Iraquis will be deined holiday visas to the US, given the (previous) regime's blatent corruption and over generous dishing out of punishment on it's people. Of course, this probably won't be an issue for sometime, seeing as most Iraquis probably want as little to do with the US as possible.

It seems to me, that us ordinary folk would do ourselves and probably some Americans a favour if we all get ourselves onto the mighty terrorist list. I'm not sure how best to do it, but I suspect just getting arrested would probably be enough to get on the list, even if not denied visas. I have no intention of going to the US, and being deined a visa would ensure that was the case. Anyone got any minor crime ideas that don't have too many adverse effects on other people that could get you on the list? Perhaps throw some stones at the US embassy?

(I once heard of a Uni student who sent an email to saying he was going to kill the president. Whilst that might sound like a good idea, he was apparently visited by a couple of blokes in dark suits who told him never to attempt entry to the US. I guess he worked out they were American law people on account of them being grossly overweight, but in sharp suits. (okay, I made up that last bit).

I wonder if all this stuff the US is doing will eventually alienate US citizens and international travellers, businesses and wealth to the degree that the US finds it difficult to survive in the world economy. The strange irony here is of course that the US is creating an overbearing state - just like communist states maintain. That's of course one of the prime "justifications" for the US disliking a country. How long before they all become buddies and start to have problems with "more free" countries like France, Cuba, Saudi, etc etc?

I for one would be far happier visiting Canada than the US. First of all, getting in and out of the country is a doddle (and considerably slimmer). Also, everyone's really nice, and frankly, it's a much nicer place. I wonder how many other potential tourists the US is losing? I mean, I've got a fair bit of disposable income, so could spend it in any country, but perhaps not the US. There must be more like me, right?

Submitted by coofercat on Tue, 2003-08-26 15:29