The Death of Empires

...a book apparently. Still, today brings good news for the little guy, and bad news for big corporates. First up, my personal favourite. DeBeers could be in a spot of bother in the next few years. Apparently it's possible to create diamonds without having to wait zillions of years. This Wired article talks about a couple of companies that are springing up to do just this. Interestingly, they're using Russian made machines. Add that to the Syberian diamond mines, and you've got a conspiracy theory. Anyway, since DeBeers are the most bent, most deplorably explotative organisation one would ever hope to know, I say "well done" to those people who are busily debunking the myth of diamond "worth". And, for all those people who got "marketed" by the "a diamond is forever" fiction, your big rock which your poor unsuspecting partner bought is worth a whole lot less than you might have got for it a while ago (and of course, a whole lot less than you paid for it, but we already knew that).

Also, I see that SCO execs have been dumping stock. That's nice. They made a packet from their little scam, and so they're getting out. One wonders if the impetus to continue the pursuit will remain. If not, then one wonders if a litigious culture is really a good thing (what with it being so open to abuse).

Submitted by coofercat on Wed, 2003-08-13 20:49