Britons in Space!

Blimey - go into space, with a UK company! (Starchaser) Amazing that little old Blighty would be doing such a thing. In fact, in typical British fashion, it's somehow managed with tiny amounts of hype, raz-a-ma-tazz, and isn't some huge hulk of a machine either. Of course, being British, the inefficiency of the thing will probably be it's greatest asset. Actually, I'm really impressed with this thing: First of all, it's called "Thunderbird", and unlike most X-Prize entries, it uses a whole load of well known technologies, just reusing everything rather than chucking it away (like most rockets do). Best of all, you can buy a ticket aboard for a 23 minute flight - all for just 500 grand. Of course, the price comes down the longer you wait, so wait until 2010 and get on for just 25K. Amazing...

Submitted by coofercat on Sun, 2003-08-03 16:12


Britons in Space!

Really? Wow. It is good that Britain is going into space, it gives the people a boost.

Submitted by Mayhem (not verified) on Fri, 2005-08-26 18:29.