File Sharing, the RIAA and MPAA

File sharing really annoys the RIAA and MPAA. They spend loads of time and money looking for people who've copied music and films and are sharing it on the 'net. Now, one wonders if they produced better music and films, would people want to own them more? I'd have to say yes - I mean, the Matrix on DVD is a really good DVD to own. It's got loads of bits and pieces to keep you entertained, not to mention that it's actually a good film to start with.

Anyway, someone's come up with PeerGuardian (2). It seems to be an IP blocker that blocks the RIAA, MPAA and others like 'em from seeing what files you've got. Seems a bit primitive to me, but it's probably worth using.

Since I'm in the UK, and don't have the RIAA to worry about (directly, at least), and since the legal wrangles they've had are all going to be completely different here, I got to thinking that everyone outside the US should set themselves up with a bit of illegal content, but make it so that *only* the RIAA can get to it. That'd annoy them... ;-) There must be some daft legal caveat (particularly in the US) that means they can't do you because they represent the copyright holder, and so it's only right and proper that they should be able to get to the files, even when the rest of the world can't.

One's legal system, legislation and financial capabilities really are the difference between being able to thrive or not. Of course, it remains to be seen which variety will last the distance.

Submitted by coofercat on Mon, 2003-07-14 15:03