Techie Wheat from Techie Chaff

There was a clueless techie warbling on at work the other day, which lead me to this simple test...

See if your own tame techie knows this: The steady state of Unix memory is full. If there's any spare, the system uses it for disk cache, saving it having to read from disk if you access a file a second time. It'll happily throw that cache away if an application needs memory, but the fact remains, the memory will always be full (well, nearly, as the system keeps a little bit of memory free to soak up sudden requests for memory without having to shuffle things around).

There you go - sort your techies into good and clueless in one easy step. Of course, if you're a techie, then you can blag being better than you are now!

Submitted by coofercat on Wed, 2006-09-27 09:10