What a Suprise! No WMD in Iraq!

Blair in trouble - again.

The problems I have with this are:
- The report says there was *no* capability, no weapons, no vehicles, and not even evidence of a weapons programme
- The goverment continually says "the war was justified anyway", which it absolutely wasn't. It was justified at the time because we were supposedly under a 45 minute threat.
- "sanctions weren't working" - why didn't we fix the sanctions? Was this a war to fix sanctions issues?
- Jack Straw saying "... Saddam would have indeed built up his capabilities, built up his strength and posed an even greater threat." - Greater threat than what? A greater threat than nothing, or greater than the now-proved false 45 minute capability?

This government's got to feel the consequences of their actions. But really and truthfully, will swapping Labour for any other party really solve anything? It'll only be a rap across the knuckles for lying, it doesn't undo Iraq, and it doesn't prevent this sort of thing happening again. Perhaps impeachment is the only real "solution" - just because you're the PM doesn't put you above the law.

Submitted by coofercat on Thu, 2004-10-07 17:43