EC to Stop Cheap Car Insurance for Women

This really annoys me. This is a waste of European resources, and makes a sham of an otherwise useful entity.
I'm a chap, so don't get the cheap insurance, but I understand that statistically, women are less likely to be in serious motoring accidents. I also know that statistically, a 17 year old is more likely to crash an expensive car than a 30 year old. If this "anti discrimination" gets through, what's next? Is that 30 year old going to be told, "age discrimination means we have to charge you the same amount as that just-passed hot-headed 17 year old with no responsibilities"?

"Europe" is a generally good idea, but surely it's got better things to do than this. We're right back to the "standardisation" rubbish of the 90s, like "all crisps shall be salt and vinegar or plain" (thereby banning hedgehog flavour) and "all road signs to animal based attractions shall have an elephant symbol" (which really works well for Birdworld).

Sometimes in life, subdividing the population into groups helps those groups. This is essentially the principle of "maximum good to maximum number of people".

The EC is clearly mistaking real discrimination with subdivision. This is all about giving a bunch of good-for-nothing politicians and beaurocrats a job, rather than actually trying to do the population any good at all. These people need sacking, thus rationalising European bodies into organisations that deal with the things that matter, not the things that don't.

Come on, this is what makes Europe look stupid, and not in the least bit "a world leading influence".

Submitted by coofercat on Wed, 2004-09-22 12:51


EC to Stop Cheap Car Insurance for Women

Doesn't annoy me though, what people forget is that although less women get involved in accidents, they are generalyl the cause of them. Whether they're doing their makeup in the car causing male drivers to swerve into lamposts to avoid them, or just walking along the street in a low cut top and short skirt, tchhhhh. Honestly women cover up please you have no idea the havoc you're causing.

Submitted by Stuey (not verified) on Wed, 2004-09-22 01:09.