Stuff From t'Internet

I'm waiting for some stuff to complete, so had a bit of a trawl. Some beautiful aerial photography, takes ages to load, but it's worth it (via snarkySpot). Also, Fat Fingers is great - "other people's typos save you money" - it's a mis-spelled Ebay item finder (via The Red Ferret, in their new home).

Meanwhile, I've managed to fill my ADSL line up again (in both directions). Sorry about that, it'll be emptying out soon, so The Cat should be a bit perkier soon.

Submitted by coofercat on Mon, 2004-08-09 19:19


Stuff From t'Internet

Those pictures are actually taken from Earth from Above, which you can buy as a book and which has also been around the globe as an outdoor exhibition (I saw the pictures in Stockholm and London).

Submitted by Bruno (not verified) on Mon, 2004-08-09 20:28.