Baywatch Hawaii

...seems to be back on Sky Travel.
...and actually starring your mate and mine, Mitch Buchannan (the Hoffmeister). After that, a veritable cluster of beautiful people playing very wooden characters in incredibly contrived circumstances.

Take this morning's episode, for example. Six people in three sea kayaks are "having a good time" paddling along. Then, all of them capsize and end up in the water. Despite being six of them, despite the fact they've all got a boat right near them to hang on to, they end up in trouble, One of them gets ashore (which makes me wonder why the others didn't) and gets a call in to Super Man (aka. David Hasselhoff, Micheal Knight, Mitch Buchannan). He calls the (real) lifeguard boss who says "hmm, this'll be a test of our training". I suspect it'll be more of a test of their fitness than training. Clearly the more buff, slim and toned you are the more likely you are to find these victims of stupidity.

Having said all that, in a totally cheesy way, I like Baywatch Hawaii ;-) (it's got to be better than the other crap on at this time of the morning!).

Submitted by coofercat on Mon, 2004-08-09 11:17


Baywatch Hawaii

...and to think I sent you a mail this mornnig to say that a new Knightrider movie is in the making with the Hoffmeister making a comeback as Devon (person not place). Full details
Oh to be gawping at the box instead of writing pointless emails.

Submitted by JK (not verified) on Mon, 2004-08-09 15:45.
Baywatch Hawaii

I really like baywatch hawaii!!!!
cheezy or not its one of the best shows ever made!
jason is the best lifeguard on the beach!!!!

Submitted by natcho (not verified) on Tue, 2004-08-17 14:57.
Baywatch Hawaii

Cant wait for the nKnightrider movie to be out it will be so cool!!!!
i heard that the car "kit" waqsnt going to talk!!!
so the it wont be as gud i rekon!i hope it does talk

Submitted by natcho (not verified) on Tue, 2004-08-17 14:59.
Baywatch Hawaii

kekoa is 100% fine. as for jason been the best lifeguard on the beach, nobody does it better than a slowed down Pammy running down the beach.

Submitted by paul (not verified) on Wed, 2005-08-03 15:40.