The High-Tech Cat

After seeing The 'Mute spring up, and also after recent problems, I've been looking at replacing the software which makes The Cat work with something else. It's probably going to be Tiki - I just installed it in about 5 minutes. As with all such things, configuration takes a lot longer ;-)

Tiki will make this whole site a whole lot more sophisticated...
The primary features of Tiki I'm looking to use right away are:

- The Blog (obviously!) + comments etc.
- The Wiki (as a sideline to the blog)
- The "online support" feature - you'll be able to chat with me if I'm online!
- Polls (to replace the voting thingamy I've got)

Later, I hope to make use of things like the forums, documentation features and such like to take over the other bits of this site (namely Stuff Extraordinare). It would be nice to have more supporting features around some of those bits (even just comments would be a good start). I seem to get a gentle, steady stream of people visiting those pages, so it's probably time I put in a bit of effort ;-)

I'd also like to get everything available by RSS, and on mobile devices etc etc. Really it's just me trying to use all kinds of trendy technology, but it might make The Cat a bit more accessible (if indeed anyone needs it to be ;-).

There's a whole world of work to do here. Tiki's a bit of a beast to work with - there's a lot to it, because it's such a "one size fits all" product. It's got go-zillions of features and nooks and crannies, but makes a nice site when it's up and running.

I'd like to do some serious Tiki hacking too. In addition to the Knowledge Base addition I started ages ago, I'd like to do some serious work with URL translations so that they're search engine friendly, and so they're people-friendly too. I'm not sure I've got the time, but it'll be fun, I'm sure ;-)

Submitted by coofercat on Thu, 2004-07-22 19:53