Copy-protected CDs may be Cheaper

Apparently some copy protected CDs may be sold cheaper than non-protected. This doesn't sound good. However, I'd buy a CP/CD knowing full-well that what ever it had on it was (a) not likely to be Linux-proof, and (b) would be cracked soon enough. I would however, return the CD to the shop if it failed to play in *any* device I own.

As for Steve Jobs saying downloading will replace CDs - sorry mate, the iPod's cool, but CDs (or format replacement) will never be replaced by downloads. I Buy CDs for something else. The permanence is obviously a part of it, but also the inlay, the reply-mail card, and actually holding it in your hand that counts. Don't forget, the 12" isn't dead yet - a vast number of people still love the 12" beyond even the CD. Hence, the CD (and even the 12"!) will be here in 10 years. Don't discount the "worship" aspect of music - that aspect is what's kept the music industry afloat for the last few years (it sure ain't the quality of their music releases!)

Submitted by coofercat on Thu, 2004-07-22 02:50