Big Brother Shag

I know it's terribly uncool to like BB, but this series has caught my eye a bit. It's one of the best yet, I'd say (not that I'm an expert mind you)

Last night (meaning Monday night + editing time) saw the first Big Brother shag in the UK house. It's only taken five series to get there. Skillfully arranged under a table, with a table cloth draped over the top, Michelle and Stuart got it on.

Naturally, the two weren't about to do it with their mics on, so BB had to crank up the sensitivity of every mic in the room. You heard the snap of the condom going on (nice). Those long-zoom cameras only managed to get shots of some feet moving about. How long before they get x-ray cameras in the house?

Let's just hope some sex chills Michelle out a bit. She's been a bit psycotic recently. (oh god, I have watched it too much, haven't I?)

Submitted by coofercat on Wed, 2004-07-21 11:19