Miss Kate Hoey and ID Cards (and accountability)

A long time ago I used the Fax Your MP service to contact Miss Kate Hoey, my local (Labour) MP. She failed to respond in anything like a reasonable time frame. However, I received a letter from her on tuesday (dated 5th July).
Miss Hoey's letter is actually a pretty good one, as MP letters go. She states very clearly that she too has concerns about ID cards and the errosion of civil liberties. She points out that there is a contradition in the government in this regard, as the fight against terrorism is happening to safeguard and maintain our freedom. She also goes on to say that she will be voicing my/our concerns in the strongest terms when this is brought before parliament.

So better late than never, I guess. Shame she wasn't a bit quicker though, I might have voted for her in the recent elections (actually, I probably wouldn't have, but that's another matter).

Submitted by coofercat on Thu, 2004-07-15 15:44