Ali G.

A wonderful piece of ironic-irony. I'm not sure I can fully count how many 'double-negatives' are involved when a clever bloke acts thick, whilst talking to people who are supposed to be clever, yet are renowned for being thick. But getting away with this:

Ali G praised Harvard's diversity and the advances of women in its ranks. "A lot of you is probably feminists, or as we call them in England, 'lezzies,'" he said. "You women should only have to do half the housework. It's only fair that your mum should do the other half." genius incarnate. Read it here (gets boring towards the bottom).

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Ali G.

Gotta go somewhere at your demise and DOWNSTAIRS ain't too cool. Why not to the Great Beyond? I'll pray for you. Be at peace.

Submitted by Catalyst4Christ (not verified) on Wed, 2004-07-14 13:17.