Ministry of Sound, Clubber's Guide Summer '04

I just bought this CD from Tesco (yeah, not the coolest record shop in town, but it's cheap!). Is this CD actually a chronography of dance and it's demise?
A bunch of people were saying last summer that Ibiza had had it's day, that dance had also had it's day, and this was really the end. Of course, a handful of DJs had differing opinions. I haven't been to Ibiza, so couldn't say if it's in decline or not. Listening to this collection of tracks however, I have my doubts for dance's long term future.

A good chunk of dance music over the last year or two has been covers of older dance tracks. Take this Ministry CD, it's got a cover of Sub Sub's "ain't no love, ain't no use". Is this because DJs and co. are running out of ideas and have to recycle stuff their peers did 10 years ago? (I hope not). Anyway, it's a good enough album. It's not setting me on fire, but it's pretty good.

So if dance is in decline, what's here to replace it? I dunno, I don't think there's a big 'phenomenon' at the moment. I've wondered if rock will return before now, and still think it might. Loads of formerly-dance or formerly-chilled or formerly-something people seem to be sliding in a bit of rock. Even this Ministry's CDs got a few rock-like tracks on it.

It would seem we're in a music vaccuum at the moment. The charts are full of rubbish that isn't selling as well as it should, the formerly huge dance phenomenon is over, all the old rockers are getting too old and releasing 'best of' albums, and all the drugs on the street are old-hat. What will start this off? New music, new drugs, or some old thing rehashed for this generation? I just wish it would hurry up, what ever it is.

Submitted by coofercat on Sat, 2004-07-10 16:43


Ministry of Sound, Clubber's Guide Summer '04

Don't dispair Ralph - you've got your 'Best of Sting' CD back now, so that should keep your toes tapping a while longer!

Submitted by Graham (not verified) on Tue, 2004-07-13 11:44.