The Vanishing Cat

The Cat will soon have some downtime. This will start on Monday the 5th July, sometime in the morning, and will persist for a few days (as yet, no specific time). The problem is 80% BT, and 20% Demon. More news as I have it.
I called BT last week to get this organised. I was on hold for ages, which periodically told me that I could do this online. So I gave it a go. It all looked sensible enough, but I got no reference number, no confirmation email. In fact, I got no response from BT what so ever.

So today I called again, and sat in the holding pattern for something like 10 minutes. Then, I get through to someone who tells me there are six lines going into the building, one of which is in use. She can't tell me which one is which, so I'll have to get the name of the previous occupant so that they can figure out which line to re-enable. Pathetic.

The actual property has a phone connected to the line. There's no dial tone, but the phone is powered, and gives an unobtainable tone if you dial anything. Apparently this is not enough information.

I've asked for the name of the previous occupant (from the estate agent), but no response as yet. All the while, time is ticking away. Once I know the number of the line, I can order the ADSL from Demon. That takes 10 working days to become active. So, it looks like I'll be out of action for pretty much 10 days after Thursday. That puts us back online around the 15th July. Pathetic.

Submitted by coofercat on Mon, 2004-06-28 19:24