Bed and Breakfast Racism

Breakfast table chit chat. I'm amazed people like this still exist.
I stayed at a little B&B after the wedding yesterday. Nice B&B, very friendly, relaxed, well appointed etc etc. It also had (as most British B&Bs seem to) the most fantastic cooked breakfast. So there I am, probably still drunk, certainly fighting a hangover, tucking into medicinal bacon. The conversation somehow moved to Bradford.

The elderly chap on the end of the table says "do you know, taxi drivers in Bradford arn't allowed to have England flags on their cars because it might offend visitors". General murmours follow from the couple who were vaguely engaged in this pseudo-conversation. Then he follows up with, "They had a chap on the telly, a Pakistani chap, saying that he'd rather like to have an England flag on hiscar, he doesn't mind". He goes on with "do you know? There are so many Pakistanis there now, they even have Pakistani people on the council".

Please. Do people like this really exist? Please let it have been a dream. Mind you, the BNP gets votes from someone, so sadly not as isolated as I'd like to think.

We were then trated to more of this stuff, with recollection of a journey through Bolton, where old-racist-bloke was having trouble finding his way, "it was funny because I asked two white people, and they didn't know where it was. The Pakistani that I asked, he knew".

So old-racist-bloke, who ever you are - I know you're old, and probably "set in your ways", but you really should try to open your mind a little to the realities of the world around you. You're lucky I was on 'best behaviour' or else things might have been different.

Submitted by coofercat on Mon, 2004-06-28 00:49