The Slow Cat

ADSL UtilisationADSL Utilisation
If The Cat has been a bit slow, this might be the reason. My ADSL's been pretty much full for over a week now. That represents something like 30GB/week.

Max  In: 504.6 kb/s (96.2%) Average  In: 406.3 kb/s (77.5%) Current  In: 117.1 kb/s (22.3%)
Max  Out:41.1 kb/s (7.8%) Average  Out: 20.1 kb/s (3.8%) Current  Out: 8208.0 b/s (1.6%)


The Slow Cat

firkin eck!i've not got MRTG running at the moment but i doubt even with a handful of failed SuSE network install attempts (something like 3Gb each time) i'd have a graph that looked anything like that... of course my "Max In" would be a tad higher than 504Kb/s... (not sure how long that link will last?)

Submitted by robert (not verified) on Fri, 2004-06-11 11:28.
The Slow Cat

thanks for the prompt to make MRTG work on my new server though... currently the graph is all white with a teeny weeny green spike on the very right hand side, and that's just the "daily 5 minute graph" ;)

Submitted by robert (not verified) on Fri, 2004-06-11 14:15.
The Slow Cat

Try running Freenet - that'll soon use up a (configurable) amount of capacity! There's an Internet 'weather' project someplace that could be worth a look too ;-)

Submitted by coofercat on Fri, 2004-06-11 14:55.