IBM Thinkpad T40/T41 Hard Disks and Recovery CDs

This is a bit subjective, but the Thinkpad T41 (with 40GB drive) looks to be a bit unreliable. Getting replacement disks looks to be a real pain in the neck. The good news is you don't (necessarily) need IBM though.

For the uninitiated, the IBM Thinkpad T40/T41 machines are really very nice indeed. They have loads of great features, and look to be pretty tough (certainly their predecessors like the T21 and especially the 600 range were good).

Previous models came shipped with a "recovery CD". This CD was (for all intents and purposes) a clone image of Windows that could be loaded onto the machine (thus losing all the data, but installing "factory fit" windows). The recovery image, or the initally shipped image of Windows wasn't bad - unfortunately only a single partition, but contains all the right drivers and toys to make the Thinkpad work. For business use, we tend to remove a few bits, and configure a few things differently, but all in all, it's pretty good (if you're just getting into this - you can almost certainly strip out vast quantities of stuff in the IBMTOOLS directory).

On the T40/T41, the recovery CD is gone. Instead, there's a hidden partition on the hard disk. It's completely inaccessible from the OS because it's enforced by the Bios. There's a Bios option that turns off this protection, so you can use the whole disk if you want (provided you don't mind losing the recovery image). If you do have it though, then you can just boot into it (via a Bios option) and rebuild your machine, losing the data, in about 20 minutes (and about 15 reboots). Again, pretty good.

This hidden partition is potentially an IBM stitch up. If your disk fails (as they seem to be doing frequently in our recently purchased batch of T41s), then you'd seemingly have to get IBM specific replacements (after all, no one else will put the recovery partition on the drive, right?).

If your Thinkpad is on warranty, then you can call IBM Service & Support and just get a new one sent to you (it takes a couple of days, but they'll also pick up the old one from you). However, having just taken delivery of a replacement, I found it doesn't have the recovery partition on it (despite specifically ordering the correct FRU part number). A few calls to Product Specialists reveals that replacement disks don't have the recovery partition on them. Service & Support have to send you a CD which puts that partition back on the disk.

If you look after a few T41s, you may be thinking about getting a spare drive to replace all the failed ones a little more rapidly than you could do using Service & Support alone. If you order the drive from IBM, it could take up to four weeks to be delivered (unless by some miracle they have stock). Alternatively, you could use an 'ordinary' drive from any supplier you like, probably delivered to you in a day or two, and simply apply the recovery image.

My advice for any T41 owners: If your hard disk fails, get a replacement from IBM but make sure to ask for the recovery CD that puts the hidden partition back (they may not ask you, and won't send it unless it's been explicitly requested). If you want it done a bit quicker than that, buy a drive from your favourite supplier and use that (along with the recovery CD). Since we use Ghost images we don't immediately need the recovery partition, so we can get moving quickly. We'll need those partitions back on the machines when we come to sell them on though, so it's worth thinking ahead.

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recovery disk set copy.

can U please give me the price for recovery disk set copy.I can pay through Paypal. My postal code 60089 in USA.

cristoforo: I know that I am


I know that I am a few years late, but do you still have the recovery CDs for the T51?



I really need copies of software for my T41 please

Recovery Disks

I used the IBM recovery program to make 5 recovery disks plus the boot disk for a factory restore. When I run it after booting it asks for a password. I give it the admin password on the system which it rejects. It rejects all passwords from all users. I can log on normally. What is going on?

Wrong Password

I am facing the same problem. Recovery is asking for password which I don't have. And I have several but not succeeded. Have you solve the problem? Please email me the solution.

Thank you.

Re: Wrong Password

Have yall figured out the solution? I have the same problem. If you have fixed the problem can you email me. Appreciate it.

password errore

dear friend . I have large problem. my laptop shows pasword when i swicted on it which i does not know. it shows 00161 and00163 error on screen. if u have any solution for that. please help me. i shall wait for ur ans.

T41 and Rescue & Recovery vs. Rapid Restore

Greetings. Does anyone know if I can use Rescue & Recovery 4.0 on my T41? One tech at IBM said yes, another said no, and the documents are ambiguous too (only T43 and up is listed, but you can find other docs that make it sound like any compatibly system will do). I want to replace the Rapid Restore Ultra that shipped w/ my machine so I can back-up a restore point to an external drive . . . w/o using the 22 cds that RRU wants me to use (b/c it has no option to archive via a USB port) . . .


Non-IBM hard drives for the T41


I am thinking of buying a used T41 on eBay, but after reading up a bit on the T41, it seems that the factory-installed IBM 40GB hard drive is prone to fail (I once had a regular IBM PC hard drive fail on me about two and a half years after I bought the PC as new, which kindda shocked me - you don't expect things from IBM to fail (at least you didn't back then, before IBM was sold to the Chinese (no crippling insult meant to all you chinks out there, in ten years time the best PC technology in the world might just stem from Lenovo... don't forget the scene in "Back to the Future" where somebody made a disparaging remark about all things Japanese, and our hero, who knew better, corrected his mates from the past!!))). Does anybody have anything good to say about the Hitachi 60GB hard drive inside a T41?

No Worse Than Any Other...?

I used to look after about 20 T41/42s, some of which got treated pretty badly and some others used incredibly heavily. We did have a few disks fail here and there (all were 'graceful degredation' rather than complete failures). I wouldn't say they were any worse than any others, although perhaps a bad batch (40GB drives were pretty new back then). As with all such things, it depends how you treat it as much as anything else. If it's made it this far, it's probably not a duffer ;-) The T41 is generally a good machine, you could do worse.

i need master password for hitachi hard dirve

i have i have a ibm t41 thinkpad but i lost my hardisk password, my important document in hard disk. so i need a master password for this hard disk.

the hidden partition and recovery

As a newcomer to the T41, second hand on ebay, I think it lovely but could not understand why there was only 35 G on a 40G disk. Now I know that it is a recovery system. But not having the handbook, if I ever wished to recover things, what do I do??

I am thinking about cloning the hard drive using my Apricom software which always does a super job, and I guess that it would clone the hidden partition, but I think I will need a larger disc sooner or later, and I managed to clone the much smaller disk on a T20 I have.

But how does the recovery system work please?
Geoffrey Rivett

why have a 5 disk recovery set, get it all on one at recovery-cd

well you can do it all with one recovery cd on why got for 5 or nine and you get an auto update button too that plugs into ibm and updates themm all ... ho hum im rmabling

bye xxx

Recovery CD Set Thinkpad 2373 T40 T41 /p 5CD's

I have the Recovery CD's for Thinkpads 2373 T40 T41 /p
email me.
Accept Paypal. Fast shipping


ibm 2373 recovery disc

is this the disc that puts partition info back on the hard drive? if so how much?

hi, i found this thread from

hi, i found this thread from searching on google...

the 8 cd set you are asking about cant be downloaded from the ibm website unfortunately

i personally have a thinkpad t42 and i will make copies of the complete 8 cd set and mail them to you if you prefer for a small cost...if your interested my email is cristoforo (@) gmail (.) com

btw these discs work on r51, t42, an t42p only incase others are interested in them..thanks

i accept paypal and ship fast!!

to show people my credibility you can check my ebay feedback under "primacarne" thanks again

recovery CD set copy.

can You please tell me the cost for T42 Recovery CD set.I am in USA 60089.

Keep the old drive

>>I have a 80gb travelstar hdd for my t40 that has been recently replaced. I was able to keep the old drive and it actually wasn't the culprit of the warranty service and so I would like to now access my old data and use it as a backup drive. (By grant)

I am in the same situation, and wonder how I can keep the old drive. Has anyone ever been able to keep the old drive after receiving the replacement drive without being charged?


Stick it in a USB enclosure and you're all sorted. Enclosures (available almost anywhere) cost about £20 or less.

IBM Thinkpad T 20

I have a IBM thinkpad T20, the hard drive failed and I got a new seygate 40Gb hard drive, when i installed it its not showing up on the bios,

When booted up it says that "hard disk drive not installed or OS not installed" , then i booted form a XP cd and started running the setup, I could see the hard drive. But when the installation is finished, when restarted its back to sqr 1.

can some one help me pls, thanks

HELP!! My screen shows "error loading operating system"

I have a IBM T40, when I turned it on, the screen only shows "error loading operating system" and wants me press any key to reboot it. I tried to reinstall it by using ACCESS buttom, but it doesn't work at all. Can anyone help me?

Thank you

Reinstall, maybe a new HDD

That error means the BIOS can't find an Operating System to load. That's possibly because the hard disk has failed, but the only way to be sure is to try to re-install the OS. Since the blue button isn't working, it looks to me like you're going to need a set of recovery CDs (if you want Windows) or else download Ubuntu Linux or something.

I can't recover my laptop to factory state with recovery CDs

Hi all,

I have a Thinkpad T42p and his 7 recovery CDs. I formatted the hide partition on my hdd. In fact, my system have some problems, then i want to recover my laptop to original factory state but it don't work. Anyone can give me some hits?


Recovery Disc for Thinkpad R51

Hello !

I;m looking for recovery disc for my IBM thinkpad R51 Laptop . I have lost my Recovery Disc . Now my hard drive just broke. I have to manually reload windows Xp , but know I'm missing a lot of drivers and cant find them in IBM website.

I have a Thinkpad R51 2888 if anyone con provide me with all the drivers or recovery disc that will be very helpul. my email its
thanks a lot.


R51 2888 CD


t40 new recovery cd's?

my t40 has so much buried junk on it that i was going to rebuild it. i tried the "recover to factory" option but it made a reference to windows 98 (is this thing THAT old?) and stopped. I found 3 of my 4 original recovery disks dated March of 2003. Since i may never find that 4th one, was wondering if ibm sells current versions that i can buy from them- which would have all the many enhancements and updates that are missing from the originals anyway.

T43 Recovery CD

Does anyone have Thankpad T43 1871 Recovery CD, Please?

Recovery Cd's for Thinkpad R40 2681KNU

Please contact me if you hace recovery Cd's for the R40 2681-KNU.


Recovery Cd for Thinkpad R50e

Required Recovery CD for Thinkpad R50e after deleting service partition. TP out of warranty. Model 1834-2LG.

May just have to breakdown and go to

Got myself a stinkpad t21 (2647-csu) from a friend at work. got the harddrive to work after putting Dmitry's HDD Regenerator on it overnight...5 bad sectors recovered...then noticed that the Harddrive may have been put in upside dowm or at least wasn't fully put in the right way...should not have worked at all, I guess you too. Anyway, got the harddrive to CORRECTLY reportitself in the Bootup screen as hitachi-XXXXXXX, before it was [?????????] or something like that....Now just like you i am looking for the iso's to down load.

My guess is that everyone is looking on the net for the iso's...

Well. They appear to be at this one site that keeps popping up on google. recovery-cds DOT com.

Like maybe many of you posting on this site, I'm poor. and I am looking for a site (like Goodell's Dell restore and utility pages) for IBM stinkpads. Something to manually setup and fill in the parts for for an IBM with all IBM goodies.

aaaanyway maybe i'll have to go and get it at this site up there...i really do not want to pay anything...BUT I'll guess i have to...

IBM ThinkPad R51...Reinstalling ANY OS No Problem

IBM ThinkPad R51...Reinstalling ANY OS No Problem

1,Download and burn GEEXBOX

2,boot geexbox,type in install really fast when you see the Geexbox logo and a prompt

3,pick your keyboard,then hard drive,DELETE the partition,then hit new,then hit TYPE pick FAT32,then hit WRITE

4,reboot,goto the bios,turn off everything

5,Grab ANY XP install cd,or ANY OS and install that hooker,IT WILL INSTALL SLow As MUD,but after reboot you'll be back to normal speed...minixp took 1 hour to scan for keyboards,mice and usb crap and 33 minutes for huh...after that reenable everything in the bios..i go poof now

T40 restoration failed

I purchased the 5 CD recovery CD set from IBM for my T40. Four are labeled 1 of 4, 2 of 4 etc. and the fifth is labeled 1 of 1.

I try to recover with the set of 4. (The 1 of 1 is a security update of some kind and doesn't seem to be a bootable CD.)

I get an "error 1828" ... something about 'size too small'

The DOS-like screens show files trying to load but a there isn't enough room. Finally, upon restart, the computer says operating system cannot be found.


Unable to create T42 Product recovery dis

I finally figured out how to create the CD set from my T42. However, it all runs fine until it wants to burn Product
Recovery Disc 5. Then it hangs at 13% and tells me that the file is corrupted. I renamed the file IBMRNRUS and its folder and started the creation process all over again. Same thing. Tried two different brands of CD-RW, Same thing. Its always at the same point in the burn of the last CD.

What worries me the most is that if I ever need to reinstall to factory load, there is something wrong with the hidden partition.

a) if there is some trick I should be trying (Machine is disconnected from net)?

b) I have a part number for the CD set but I cant tell if its the full set to do the install as from the factory or not. Anyone know?

c) So far I cannot find any way to contact to buy the set. Anyone have a contact phone?


Recovery CD's for thinkpad T20 & T30

Hey everyone....could really use some help here. I have a Thinkpad T20 & T30, got them from E-bay, great laptops, and my kid crashed both hard drives, so, I want to buy new hard drives, but I have no recovery CD's. There's a guy on E-bay selling a hard drive and a set of CD's for the T-30, but I don't know if the CD's would work for the T20, or, if anyone has a set for sale, I'd gladly by both. I'd even consider a 40 gig from someone's laptop that they were upgrading and didn't need if it still had the drivers and Windows XP on it. Not trying to do anything wrong, just would like my computers back without having to spend a small fortune. Any info would help! Thanks

[Help!] IBM T41 Recovery CD ISOs

My T41 2373-9FU got messed up, and I desparately need the recovery CDs to restore it to original factory state. Could anyone help please? Can I download the image files from somewhere?

Any clue is much appreciated!

t40 doesn't see hard drive

I put a replacement hard drive in an IBM T40.
When I try to install XP pro, I get told there is no hard drive to install to.
I tried to install Ubuntu (version of linux) and it also tells me I have no hard drive.
Bios does not list the hard drive as being a boot option but it does tell me the model number of the hard drive.

Am I lacking a driver?

Required Help recovery for IBM R52

I have Hidden recovery Partition but i have deleted original windows from my laptop and i have installed windows vista , but i m not satisfied from windows Vista ,so I need windows xp original i have not cd's set of to run from recovery partition?

cell +92-301-3548001

hi all the 8 cd set you are

hi all

the 8 cd set you are asking about cant be downloaded from the ibm website unfortunately

i personally have a thinkpad t42 and i will make copies of the complete 8 cd set and mail them to you if you prefer for a small cost...if your interested my email is cristoforo (at) gmail (dot) com

btw these discs work on r51, t42, an t42p only incase others are interested in them..thanks

is torrenting the t42 discs

is torrenting the t42 discs out of the question?
and why have iso's of the cd's ... somebody can make the dvd iso of the second > eigth disc and torrent that. Much easier. My t42p 2373-cd8 needs a format :/ my discs are scratched to hell and the latest rescue and recovery install is broken on my machine

R51 recovery cd set

Looking for the factory IBM Thinkpad recovery cd set. Anyone?



FREE RECOVERY CD'S FOR IBM :) I own a lot of different IBM recovery CD's. You may reply back to me at if you wish to own any!!!

Need recovery disk for T30

Need recovery disk for T30

T30 CDs?

I can do an ISO/Record Now image of the 3 CD set and make it available for you to FTP.


i read that you have the IBM T30 recovery cd's could you please help me to a link where and how to download and burn them.


T40 recovery disks


I need a set of recovery disk for T40.

I am slmost giving up for it and am planning to install Debian instead.

Do you have a set for T40?


IBM Recovery CD

I am looking for a recovery cd for an IBM T60 (Type 2007-72u). Would appreciate if you could assist.

Thank you,


i need the recovery cd for a r51 thinkpad if you got it please. i am having the hardest time finding one

Recovery CD for IBM Thinkpad T41p

Dear collegues

I'm a Swiss citizen here in Thailand and have some problems with my thinkpad. There is no way to get some original recovery disk here (in the land of copy).

Please if you own a set of recovery cd for IBM T40p, send me a real offer and also not to expensive. May be you are in Thailand as well, it will be a pleasure for me to meet you here down in Phuket (Chalong).

Thank you very much for the attention

Sincerely, Santa (

A thousand Recovery CD's for about $10,000 each.

Hey i'm here not to scare you but i know that you'll like them. I mean c'mon guys i also need to make money for a living!! Anyway write back to if you are intersted about them. IN FACT WRITE BACK IF YOU HAVE QOUSTIONS, CONCERNS, AND THE GREATEST OF COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IBM lenovo Recovery CDs

Well if you got to and then click the link to a hidden site called all the items are there for half the price, looks like recovery-cds for about $10. Seems the owners made a USA site and forgot the currency difference between uk £ and US $.. anyway thats enough from me :) have fun all

Thinkpad Recovery Cds

For Thinkpad T Series the recovery CDS and DVDs are available at

I ordered from there and received it in 3 days. Worked great

recovry software for ibm thinkpad t42p

i dont want to buy a new one or buy a recovery cd but i just want the recovery software to be downloaded because without software i cannot start my computer and even if i did i would have a had time finding the drivers for the blue access button (ibm t42p) . so could u please tell me a way in whichi can download the recovery software or get it from someone without buying anyhing as i had already spent 5000$ on this laptop and dont wish to spend more.
pleeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzee. help me.

Recovery Software for IBM Thinkpad T42p

Just fixed one for a customer, fortunately he had the windows xp professional sp0 :-( disk with it.
[it required a lot of updating]
I tried installing with xp corp SP2 but that wouldn't register with the label reg key.
Normally a generic (real) retail or oem xp pro or home disk will be ok on most computers (not sony or nec) though. If you can get pass the key installation screen, but pops up with invalid activation, you can phone the micro$oft reg guy and they will sort it over the phone.
In the end i cleared both partitions created a 40/20 split with partition magic on the 60GB Hard Disk clean installed xp with updates, then used Ghost 8 to image the primary partition over to a FILE on the secondary partition. You will have to download the Network card driver from ibm to get hooked up if you have the intel pro 1000 card, then use the ibm driver management software to do the rest.

The cause of the original problem was the 1GB Hynix memory chip, located under the keyboard, which was faulty. Memtest showed me that; after much head scratching.(I should have run memtest first)

Hope This helps


IBM R40 2723 recovery CD Wanted

Wow, Just came across this site. After trying different options with my R40 I have got to the point where I really want to return it to the original factory settings including the XP build.

If anyone has the CD's i would be very greatfull and If I have to pay, please not too much!!!

email me:

How to Order Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 DVDs for T61 X61 T60 X60

Thinkpad T60 T60p X60 X61 T61 X61 Restore and Recovery DVDs for Vista Ultimate Sp1 can be ordered from

IBM FRU P/N 46R6439
IBM FRU P/N 43T7456

thanks it really helped

thanks it really helped

T43: Only to install OS =winXP from recovery cd´s

Hi guys, is it possible to ONLY install the windows Xp from recovery CD?
I got a fresh new HDD, and dont want to install all the drivers in the recovery cd´s, because they are out-dated..

And further is it possible to do this without lossing data on HDD.

please help!

Sorry, not really :-(

Sorry, what you're asking isn't really possible. The recovery CDs and recovery partitions basically wipe the system back to the way it was bought (so removes all data, and installs a bunch of drivers and software).

I see your problem with drivers - if you do use a recovery partition, it's probably a good idea to burn a CD with the latest Windows Service Pack on it. Then, do the recovery and immediately install the service pack before even thinking about putting it on the network.

If you really want to go back to vanilla Windows, then you're only option is to buy a Windows CD and install that. Personally, I wouldn't advise it - I'd use the recovery and then service pack it. Or better still, install Linux ;-)

Hi! I am looking for IBM


I am looking for IBM Thinkpad Recovery CD for R51 (2887 NQ1) model. Does any one have the recovery disc(s).

A response will be greatly appreciated as I have been looking for the recovery disc(s) for my Thinkpad for a long time.


Thinpad T41 hdd upgrade

I have TP T41 with 40GB drive and just recently bought 60 GB Hitachi Travelstar ATA-6 drive. I tried cloning with Northon Ghost with no success ("No operating system found" message). I just tried to even install fresh XP on it but my bios does not recognize the drive. It is recognized in windows but not in dos or bios. I tried Partition Magic 8, format through windows but nothing. I read on IBM website that this is compatible drive for upgrade (I believe ATA-6 is compatible).
What could be the problem.

Just to add that it is 7200

Just to add that it is 7200 RPM ATA-6 drive, Model# hts726060m9at00.

IBM Thinpad T41 recovery


I have a T41 and its hidden partition was messed up. I installed XP from another installation CD (for dell). The hidden partition and all Ibm features is gone. But XP runs ok but I want my IBM back. Now, Can I revocer everything from actual IBM T41 recovery CDs?

Thank you,

IBM Recovery disks

if you need ibm or lenovo recovery disks pm me, xp downgrade or older models.

T30 Recovery Disks

Do You Have Them If so How much?


Why did you not read my posts below and note my email address?

Ill take a look for T30 and post back.

dont have the t30 sorry

dont have the t30 sorry

Recovery CD's for T23 XP HOME


(sorry for my english...)

I need recovery CD's for IBM T23. How can I reach this?

Piotr K.

IBM Thinkpad R40 Recovery CD


I am still after the Thinkpad R40 Recovery CD, Can you please help me?



Yes, factory xp r40 disk set

Yes, factory xp r40 disk set is four disks, jtfeelfree at


R40 recovery

I also need R40 recovery CD please!!

Rescue and recovery failure


I had a hardisk failure on a T42. I bought a new (IDE) hardisk and ordered the Rescue and Recovery CDs from IBM.

I got the CDs, but when I try to restore the system to its original setting - restore factory contents -(following the instructions that came with the CDs).

The recovery process stops right after step 8. (accept the terms and conditions). In reality it starts to copy some files and then it stops and display the following message.

There was an error during initialization.

Therefore It does not even let me go further than the Startup disk of the rescue and recovery CD set.

Any ideas on how to solve this?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Alex and Richard drop me an

Alex and Richard drop me an email to jtfeelfree at happy to help, basicly going to confirm monday 9am but I had this set and I never got rid of the orginal so I should still have it, I just went through the sets I have on the floor but they are z61 and t40, email me.

Errod regarding your problem you need to do this.

1-What size is the drive, is it with in the maximum size supported by that machine, ie: if it is 200gb it might not work thats a slightly older model, if its like 100gb you should do bios update but I notice the max size listed is 80gb
See here:

Also for your ref go here and type in your type number

80gb then I would run

-A drive fitness test across the drive, download the cd
Floppy version

Is the drive ok if so run a a total erase of the drive with kill disk (runs zeros across the whole drive).


Make a floppy or a cd depends what you have there to use.

Ok I just checked and I actually have the t42 disks, your first disk should be,

Field Value
0) Name: R51,T42,T42p
1) CD#: Disc 1 of 7
2) Date: 01/28/2005
3) CD P/N: 24R7709
4) OS: XP-P SP2
5) Lang: EN
6) FRU#: 24R7684
7) MS Date 2004
8) Type: 1829,1830,1831,1836,1840,1841,2373,2374,2378,2379

Boot from that.

The thinkpad systems are great machines honestly great build quality, I am happy to help any one get there systems up and running, write down your problems or email me.

good luck


T43 Recovery CD

Do you happen to still have the T43 cd set? Thanks.

Somehow my laptop was not

Somehow my laptop was not working so i rebooted my laptop using provided recovery CDs. but my entired data was formattted. how to revcover it.



Cannot install Win XP from recovery CD

Hi Coofercat,

I got a new hard drive for my T41p, and I am trying to install the system with the 5 CD set. However, the installation never gets completed. It stops at the very beginning (e.g. Product Recovery, entire progress: 10%, copying data: 14%). Why is that? And what should I do now? Thanks!

R40 recovery CD! please!

can someone please send me an R40 recovery CD?
My R40 died and its asking me to insert the recovery CD but I don't have one. I also can't afford one right now so please help me out!

need recovery disk for IBM Thinkpad T41

Would anyone happen to know if I can still get a recovery disk for an IBM Thinkpad T41?
My computer will not boot. Looks as if DOS is only installed now (, autoexec.bat, config.sys, etc.)
Computer will not recognize drive C. Neither Windows nor DOS will install with a given warning suggesting that the hard is full.

Any other ideas? Do I need a new hard drive?

I have a factory set. Good

I have a factory set. Good for t41, t41p. Contact me and I will sell them to yah for $25. I am a white star merchant on Ebay. Thanks, and hope to help.

recovery set

What about $20? Thanks.

cd de restauration T41

Voila je possede un portable ibm T41 et je voudrez formater mon disque dur mais jai pas les cd de restauration et comment retrouver les disque de recuperation dans mon IBM et comment les gravers sur des cd

Recovery CDs for Thinkpad T43 1871

Help needed. My thinkpad T43 1871 just crashed & I did not make a copy of the recovery disks! Could someone who owns the T43 rescue & recovery CDs, please send me a copy? Thanks a millon in advance.

do not have a recovery disk

I do not have a recovery disk and need to restore my computer to factor settings anyone know where I can get one to do this

T40: Recovery without CDs, including the hidden partition

Thinkpad T40 Windows XP Pro
80 Gb Hd (capacity 71.3 Gb)

I wanted replace my internal hard drive (for a larger 100 Gb) without any recovery CDs (not available anymore from IBM/Lenovo), and then "recover" all my prior data (documents, programs, drivers, etc., including factory installed and later additions and that pesky but vital hidden partition) on the new drive. These are the steps I took. They worked perfectly and maybe some of this info will be useful:

1. Did a backup of my computer "as is" on an separate external hard drive. (Note: this was not onto the new 100 Gb laptop hard drive. Also, routine backup will not copy recovery data located in the "hidden partition", but its a good idea just in case.)
2. Downloaded free the progam "todo-backup" from the web. (Google it)
3. Connected the 100 Gb (formatted) destination drive to my laptop (externally) via USB.
3. Ran "todo" and chose clone (selecting as prompted the original then destination drive from the list.) (Cloneing took 4.3 hours.)
4. After cloneing, the destination drive mirrored the original drive (it showed the same 71.3 size, but this copied everything including the hidden parition.)
5. Because destination drive was larger, I had to repartition it to gain/recognize the unallocated space. Downloaded free "partition magic" and ran it from the internal to the destination drive.
6. Shut down the computer, and swapped out the original drive for the destination drive, and viola! My computer has a larger drive and everything original to the machine and later added is all there.) (I even went to Lenovo support and chose "detect my machine", it recognized my computer and didn't detect that the drive was an alien.)
Hope this helps someone. K

Bought T40 2373 at Yard sale but has a symbol of a lock on it

I bought this little machine at a yard sale and my intentions were to teach my son to value the dollar and to not be wasteful. But now I only have shown him the opposite. I would be so greateful if some one would help us out by teaching us how to salvage this machine. Can I ask if anyone knows a code to open this machine please. And hopefully he'll see that the good of menkind still exist.

i need a recovery disc for thinkpad A20m (2628)

I have an old a20m and need a recovery disc for it. Can I buy one? Also I need a manual for it.....thanks

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