Back from St. Anton

Back from a lovely week skiing in St. Anton, Austria. I got to do some ski instructing with some of the people I went with. All good. Sorry, no photos.
St. Anton has some excellent skiing terrain. It's the end of the season, so the snow wasn't always the best, although high up things are fine. There's some incredibly mean looking terrain, although I didn't ski any of it (and some didn't have much snow left on it). From a piste perspective, there are some incredibly long routes that take you over vast distances of beautiful alpine scenery. I'm not sure it's an ideal place for beginners - there are no green runs, and until you can handle a road that links things together, it's hard to get to anything interesting, so it can be a bit boring. Once you're getting somewhere though, you can travel miles and miles and do some really good stuff (not least a ski-in, ski-out bar, where you could order a beer without taking your skis off).

For those of risk taking inclination, there are a couple of bars that are a short ski from the bottom of the slope. The Mooservirt, for example, is a crazy place. There's dancing on tables, mainly to cheesy 'euro-disco'. You'll wonder what the hell is with the music when you first arrive, but pretty soon, you'll be dancin' like a good 'un along with everyone else. The little ski down the hill after a few beers is entertaining. I'm sorry to the Moosenvirt people, but I pinched a beer glass, which I managed to keep half full all the way home. Damn I'm good ;-)

I didn't get any pictures, mostly because I was teaching most of the week, and frankly couldn't be bothered. Having said that, the other 26 people that I went with snapped all over the place, so I expect there'll be some from them.

Submitted by coofercat on Sun, 2004-04-18 21:25