The Nemesis

Done Delerium Dive - twice.

F*ckin' eh!
Oh wow - done it. I'm absolutely exhausted now, mind you. I couldn't manage a thrid go on it (I was already doing some pretty poor turns on visit number 2).

Sorry the photos arn't better - it wasn't too sunny, and frankly, I had other things on my mind!

Delerium Dive (Side)Delerium Dive (Side)The Dive is an awesome bit of mountain. The hike up is (thankfully) easy(ish). Ski Patrol keep an eye out to make sure you've at least got a pack on (and so assume you have probe and shovel). No pack - no ski (as one of our number found out). You also have to use an avanlance beeper to open the gate to get up. (The picture is me looking across at the bowl - there are entry points along there - if you're insane. You get an idea of the gradient we're talking about)

Anyway, once you're up, it's a pretty awesome thing to look at. It's pretty scary - I was nervous as hell. It's also difficult to get into. There's a sort of track along the top, which is fine. However, you have to drop off a sheer ledge for about two feet before hitting a pretty steep bit of slope that's less than 178cms wide. You've then got about 10 feet to travel before you can pull a turn. Scary as hell. Many people, myself included, sat down on the ledge and lowered myself onto the slope bit. I know it's less than 178cms, because my skis didn't fit. However, a bit of a side slip, and it's all good.

Looking Up Delerium DiveLooking Up Delerium DiveThe actual slope is not really that hard. For Sunshine veterans, if you can ski The Shoulder and Hell's Kitchen, you've done more than enough preparation to do the Dive. I got fresh tracks all over the place - yep, me - I left my mark on Delerium Dive. Trust me, that feels good. (The picture is from me looking up at the top section of the dive - you can't see the entry point I used though).

Inside Delerium DiveInside Delerium DiveThe Dive is a huge ski area - you can go anywhere, do anything. Today (and I suspect most days) it's just covered in lovely powder. Of course, I stacked it big style on a relatively flat bit trying to do a gentle turn, but you can't have everything (!). Tested out the helmet nicely, and got snow just about everywhere. Fortunately, not too much walking to retrieve my skis.

I feel great - I've had an excellent day. Thanks the the chaps and the Danes for getting me up there. Much appreciated.


The Nemesis

you hard b&stard :)

glad you had fun

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