Having spent a bit of time on planes, busses and recovering, I've read a few books:

Last Tango in Aberystwyth - really good
The Third Policeman - Quite good (very weird)
The Life of Pi (by some Canadian or other) - hmm, pretty good

I'm onto a couple of others (also Canadian), so I'll see how they go.
Last Tango in Aberystwyth is great fun - I read it in about a day because it's such a page turner. The story of the town's only Private Investigator, his sidekick, Calamity (her wheeling and dealing, including getting some old dear hooked on placebo), a strange sanitorium, and a woman. All good, and very funny.

The Third Policeman is Irish. That should be enough information really. It's all about a couple of blokes, a handful of policemen, bicycles and some small town where things are weird. Stay well clear of the last page - a note to the editor is a real spoiler (and/or explaination of much of the weirdness if you need it).

The Life of Pi is another odd book. I'm not sure what the point of it is, but it's the story of an Indian family (most notibly a boy) and their life, emmigration to Canada, the downing of a cargo ship, a lifeboat, and a bengal tiger. It's a good read, which sort of makes you think it must be true, but it's just fiction.

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OH MAN, you read Life of Pi?... Dude ive been looking for the spoilers to that book all over the place... Do you think youd have it in your heart to email me with details on the events in the book? PLEASE IM DESPERATE! And i dont have time to read the whole 300 somthing pages in the next 16 hours... ive got to go to work!


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