Surrender - a remarkably good album, and one that I'd maligned and forgotten about. The Chemical Brothers put the carve back in my turns today.
Today's show is brought to you by the letters "S" and "L" and by the number "2". "S" is for "shit" and "slope", resulting in the number "2". The letter "L" is for "life", which can only be properly understood when one feels close to death.

For those I'm meeting up with in St. Anton, I'm either going to be:

1) Shit hot
2) Injured beyond all recognition
3) in a box.

I suspect (1) or some variant of (2). So far, I've scared myself because I got a bit too cocky on a single diamond with big bumps. I got down, but severely lacking any style or grace. Later in the day I rectified my attractiveness problem, but only on a bumpy blue. It all fell to pieces again on a diamond. Oh well, see how it goes tomorrow.

I heard from a first aid lady on the lift that they had to open late a couple of times because it got so cold that the lifts stopped clipping to the cables. Nice. It's a good 10 degrees warmer than that at the moment, a comfortable -20 in the morning, rising to more temperate levels in the afternoon. You've just got to love it.

I met loads of Canadians today. They're all soooo nice. How is that possible? I mean, one guy asked where I was from, and then thanked me for coming to Canada. I can't imagine even uttering those words to anyone in the UK (especially the tourists). Other than him, a couple of guys asked me about "the bloke with the big ears" - I mentally went though the list of "Blair", "Bush"... but he actually meant Prince Charles. Did he murder his wife? Hmm, not sure. But it turned out they didn't think much of the Bush/Blair "special relationship" either. Funny how most people who want to offer an opinion don't, isn't it...?

Oh, CoyoteNet's tip #4: Don't wait until the last minute to insert more coins!

Submitted by coofercat on Tue, 2004-02-03 04:56