The Wookey Hole Inn

About a dozen of us went to the Wookey Hole Inn (unsuprisingly, in Wookey Hole, Somerset). An experience not to be repeated.
Despite a carefully booked table, and even on-time arrival, the Wookey Hole Inn wasn't an all-round joyous experience. The service was utterly hopeless - we waited something like an hour and a half for main meals to arrive. For those who skipped the starters, they lost a lot of weight before the food turned up.

As if that wasn't enough, the staff were practically non-existent - the stress of all this showed a bit, although by and large they were pretty friendly.

Okay, so onto the good stuff... The place looks great - good design and furniture, and pretty impressive. They have a range of beers (although I didn't try any of them). They also have live music. The food is good - all tasty and well presented. Also, they have paper table cloths and provide crayons on the table so you can show off your artistic abilities. Like us, you could write your review of your meal on the table too. I'm sure they just love that ;-)

I'm not sure about live music in restaurants. I mean, you're there for food and conversation, so you're not really listening properly to the music. When the singer paused between songs, there was that sort of sparce, almost sarchastic sounding clapping from about three or four people. A bit of a shame, if you ask me...

So, all in all, on the basis of my experience there, I'd say, "good product, bad delivery". I certainly wouldn't recommend it to anyone else. You can get good food in lots of places, so perhaps try them instead.

Submitted by coofercat on Sun, 2004-01-18 21:50


The Wookey Hole Inn

I must disagree with the comments I have read regarding the Wookey Hole Inn, Wells, Somerset.

I have just booked another stay after visiting approximately two years ago.

The rooms are fantastic - huge beds, lovely bathrooms and wide screen tv's with a great collection of cult videos which you can watch in the comfort of your room.

The food in the restaurant was excellent - one of the best places I have eaten.All presented perfectly - great value and the staff were great too.

What more can I say - I can't wait for my next visit - we are taking our friends with us next time to show them how nice it is!

Submitted by Barney Rubble (not verified) on Mon, 2004-03-22 18:33.
The Wookey Hole Inn

We had a lunctime sandwich at the Wookey Hole Inn yesterday (04-07-04). Good Choice of drinks but the amount of Smoked Salmon on a Sandwich that cost ?7-00p. was very poor. I must say that the Chicken, Bacon & Brie was quite acceptable but @ ?6-50p. it should Be!!!

Submitted by Richard Purton (not verified) on Sun, 2004-07-04 17:20.
The Wookey Hole Inn

Well surely its time that people in the west country faced up to the 21st century & protest to have all pulic houses knocked down there nothing but a alchoholics dream!Also no respect for musicians anymore!So whats the point in keeping these pubs going!

Submitted by fritter man (not verified) on Thu, 2004-09-02 13:19.
The Wookey Hole Inn

well i find all of this stuff completely rubbish.. we live nearby, after living in london for many years, we moved to the west country and could not fimd anywhere half decent to eat and drink, thank god this oasis of good food and style opened..everybody we know from bath to bristol loves this place..fantastic food great staff and the biggest beer selection in england.. the live music on fridays is always good and doesnt get in your face if your eating..brilliant jazz on sundays, and a sculpture garden out back...all i can say that the waiting staff musthave been having a pretty rare off day and the guysdont like music..go yourselves , youll love it..

Submitted by jamie and liz (not verified) on Wed, 2005-07-20 00:46.
The Wookey Hole Inn

were not joking when i say this is one of the best pubs in england,bare none

Submitted by mark and liz (not verified) on Wed, 2005-07-20 00:49.
The Wookey Hole Inn

ok. so they were having a bad staff day, even those were friendly!! the food was good! ,decor good! free band!the best beer selection! ok this time you had to wait but why did you write saying every thing else was great but just because they were short off staff dont go there!! weve been 20 times + always the best food ,staff .with such a great place this side off barcelona you should be thanking your stars!!

Submitted by ian (not verified) on Tue, 2005-11-08 21:45.
The Wookey Hole Inn

Just wondered whether the inn has recently been taken over?Went there on holiday last week, and I must say that the food and service was excellent!However, the decoration in the bedroom we stayed in and the communal areas was a little shabby and not what I expected for the price (not that we stay in hotels that often) - the carpet and the grouting in the bathroom was dirty, there were holes knocked in the walls/left from moving light fittings, etc, and the paintwork was a little untidy.It didn't spoil the weekend tho', but I just was a little put off visiting again.

Any ideas?

Submitted by Jo (not verified) on Mon, 2006-11-13 17:47.