Sexology: Obscene Machines

I've just got home, with chilli burger in hand (okay, actually, just the wrapper). I am open mouthed in amazement with the thing on TV (C4) about Real Doll. I've heard about this before, but there's something very wierd about this... The documentary overtone is about the objectificatin of women. For me, it's about the detachment of self from realitly.

Oh my god, it gets worse... People saying they can't imagine themselves without dolls. "it's an all-day affair" to take pictures of a few dolls in 'interesting' poses. Oh jesus, there's a bloke in the park (in Southampton, UK) with his 'real doll'. NO NO NO - his doll's got a name - he got photos of the two of them. Oh no... he says 'they're' getting married.

Sorry, this is too weird for this Cat. A real woman, with all her foibles, has to be far superior. The randomness, the surprise, the reciprocation (maybe)... There's no substitute.

Update: Don't ask how I found this, but here's a variation on the theme.

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Sexology: Obscene machines

The Channel 4 programme "Real Dolls" merely portrayed, in a somewhat unblanced way, the needs of human beings for sexual gratification beyond reproduction: as participants, controllers or voyeurs. If there is a need, a market will develop and then the market offers greater choice through competition. Surrogates and substitutes are part of human existence.When someone is saying they want to marry their doll this could be seen as an expression of a commitment to this lifestyle because nothing else is on offer.The man in question was reliving a past where he was in a real relationship with a younger woman. Being seen in a public park with the doll is no different from performance art, had we not been told the background.

Imaginary worlds are acceptable unless pain and suffering is inflicted on other human beings. Besides it's not illegal, just a stage further than the lad's mag.There is little doubt in my mind that the development of robotics will leap forward when the sex industry takes it on -just how many of you have a robot lawn mower?

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