Backup Exec 9.1 and a Network Appliance Filer

I spent a bit of time at werk trying to get Backup Exec to properly backup a Network Appliance Filer (FAS250, if it matters). The problem with this scenario is that neither Network Appliance nor Veritas want to help you. Netapp absolutely don't support Backup Exec beyond some very old version, and Veritas claim they don't know anything about filers. All this despite both companies "sticking it" to EMC who apparently have this sort of thing completely sorted.

As it turns out, it's actually quite simple, although the details have changed between a couple of versions. This has been tripping up our backups for a short while, and confusing me no end. So even though no vendor will go near you, Backup Exec can be used to backup a Netapp filer.

BackupExec 9.0 On Win2K Server (I forget the SP level, but latest to August 2003):

1) Map a network drive on the BackupExec server, mapping to \Filerc$ (eg. map it to the X drive)

2) Create a user defined selection called \BackupExecServerX$

3) Ensure the Resource Credentials are set to be able to access the share.

4) Back it up like crazy!

BackupExec 9.1 On Win2003 Server (SP1+patches):

1) On the filer, create a share covering C:volvol0 (or whatever). I called mine "BackupExec$", and gave it "Domain Admins get full control, everyone else gets nothing" (via the custom permissions button).

2) In BackupExec, create a user defined selection called \FilerBackupExec$

3) Ensure BackupExec can open the folder in the selections dialogue. You may need to play with Resource Credentials to get it all to work. If you can't browse in BackupExec, it won't backup. Incidentally, just because you can browse it in Windows Explorer means absolutely nothing!

4) Back it up like crazy!

There are suggestions that you may need to ndmpd off on the filer: "ndmpd off" will do it, but don't forget to add it to the filer startup too. Switching this off stops BackupExec moaning about not being able to reach the agent on the filer (which causes the job to fail, although the data will be backed up properly).

Tip: For long running backups, use the nightly snapshot rather than the latest hourly one. That way, the snapshot will remain correct throughout the backup and the verify. Clearly, if the backup takes longer than an hour, then the verify will verify against different files than the backup used.

Update Oct. 25th: Upgrade your filer software, especially if you're on 6.5.3 or less.It fixes a world of minor hickups and makes the backups run faster.

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need help


I'm using Backup Exec 9.1 Rev. 4691.

I tried your solution step-by-step.
I also can browse the filer in Vertias, but it's moaning, that there's a license violation and I need to install the Remote Agent.

What's the matter?

THX for your answer.

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Backup Exec is Backup Exec

Backup Exec is Backup Exec 12 now from Symantec.

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