The UK's Record on Human Rights

Channel 4 News covered the report (PDF) on the UK's Human Rights record. As expected, it's pretty damning, especially in areas such as Control Orders and ASBOs. The UK should not have any aspect of it's legislation that could even be put in the same sentance as "contravenesthe Geneva Convention". Without high standards, how the hell is anyone else ever going to respect anything we do abroad?

The best bit was the interview with Baroness Scotland QC. On the subject of the former Belmarsh inmates, now under Control Orders, she said Control Orders were effective when someone is "identified as a potential threat to our country".

As we all know, C.O.s are all wrong, but hearing the minister admit that these people had not had any kind of case brought against them reminded me just how bad these were. Under her definition, Tony Blair, George Bush and countless others including me should all be under Control Orders.

Something, somewhere is very wrong.

Submitted by coofercat on Wed, 2005-06-08 19:27