See! It's not just me!

I am well known to rant about many things. ID cards are definitely one of them. As you might expect, it's not just me either. Blogdial is positively on fire with it right now, as is the BBC with coverage of Blair's dippy flannel about it and as ever, an absolutely brilliant have your say.

Comments such as "the only people who oppose this are people with something to hide" does indeed show just how stupid many of us Brits really are. Even if you support ID cards, that's an incredibly stupid argument.

I'm going to exercise the Freedom of Information Act and ask the Home Office just what it knows. I'll keep you posted...

Update: I've just had a reply from the HO - it seems they have a whole department looking after requests such as this. Scary stuff! (I should get my response by 24th June)

Submitted by coofercat on Wed, 2005-05-25 22:02