The Worlds Police

Another good day in the news for the UK and US (not!). Condoleezza Rice talks about 'outposts of tyranny' whilst the rest of the world thinks the Bush regime is dangerous. Meanwhile, the UK's doing no better, now having a bunch of abuse photos circulated, there's fear of an Iraqi backlash. Never mind the Iraqis, there's a backlash right here at home. It seems, almost universally, the papers are having a go about this.

I'm gobsmacked at how the US thinks it can proceed with it's quasi-religious crusade without having finished it's other "projects". Iraq's far from sorted, Afghanistan's not exactly a safe and happy place, and yet they're looking forward to Cuba, North Korea and even Burma (among others).

If that muppet Tony follows as blindly as he has been in the past, I'll be "'avin' a word" ;-)

Submitted by coofercat on Wed, 2005-01-19 12:59