FIFA Get Heavy Handed

Spreadshirt have just sent me an email warning me to remove all references to a particular sporting event this year. Apparently one of their users is being sued by FIFA for making a teeshirt that says "WORLD CUP 2006, Iran-Angola, I was there".

I can well see that FIFA would want to protect the World Cup brand, and would go after dodgy fake teeshirts. However, they actually have a whole list of "protected" phrases, which apparently you're not allowed to use, the words "World Cup" being one of them. Oops, too late.

T-ShirtT-ShirtSo if you're struggling to find teeshirts about the world cup, look no further. For £20, I will sell you a teeshirt that says "world cup? fifa suck!", and has a picture of the actual world cup* underneath (unfortunately, as Spreadshirt can't make such a thing, so I'll be making them myself. Each one is 100% unique, and I'll even number them for extra exclusivity. The picture is a guide only, actual product may vary. Contact me if you're interested**

Notes: * May not be the actual world cup. ** But please don't contact me if you're a lawyer. *** This is satire, I hope you have a sense of humour. **** If not, no amount of sueing people will fix that. ***** Check out another football related shirt!.