Sleeping Cat

I have to move at the end of the week. For some reason, BT can't get the line switched on at the new place without an engineer, who won't arrive until the 31st March. In other words, Coofer Cat will be down for a week, starting this saturday morning, through to Friday 31st March, sometime in the afternoon.

Aside from downing my server, I'm a little apprehensive about not having Internet access at home for a week. Having no phone will be a bit weird too (although I've still got my mobile, of course).

Update 26/3: We've had a stay of execution. The connection's still up at my old place, so I've left the server there until tomorrow night when I have to hand the keys back. Also, I seem to be scabbing 'net access off one of my neighbours ;-)

Submitted by coofercat on Mon, 2006-03-20 13:35