ID Theft Misdirection

Once again, the Home Office is pulling magic tricks to convince us that ID cards are a good idea.

If your bank lets someone use your account and steal your money, that has nothing to do with the government. Even if your bank demands better ID when you open your account, that won't help either. Your bank is at fault, and is legally liable for any loss to you. Banks aren't fixing the problem because it's cheaper to pay people off (or pretend that don't have to pay you) than it is to implement changes.

The government cannot provide any evidence to suggest ID cards will solve anything. They have to resort to deliberate fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD). Just say 'no', kids.

Update: Oh the irony (see the first item in the list): "Your identity and personal information are valuable assets. Keep them secure." (so don't hand over such information to your hapless government)

Submitted by coofercat on Thu, 2006-02-02 10:59