Standby Environmental Damage

The BBC are reporting that devices on standby contribute to environmental damage. I couldn't agree more. Curiously, the Market Transformation Programme say that consumers actually want this. They couldn't be more wrong, could they?

I have loads of things on 'standby'. Set top boxes are a particular problem though, because unless you make special (difficult) arrangements, they probably stay fully on while the telly's off (and the excuse that they need to be on to download information or updates is rubbish - that can all be done on a timer).

I'd say all devices that have 'standby' should go far more firmly to sleep after a few minutes of standby. I mean, if I switch my telly off for five minutes, then sure, a quick restart is a good thing (not life changing, but it's nice). If it's been off for the night, then why not spend an extra 10 seconds switching on in the morning? Electronic technology can easily achieve this, and I'd say that's what people really want.

Submitted by coofercat on Mon, 2006-01-23 14:05